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Thunder- If this is in the wrong place sorry.

I have had some discomfort during jelqing from pulling on hair. I am very hairy already and have trimmed some hair with scissors- very carefully I might add.

What I have noticed is that for the first couple of days after trimming the pubic hairs I am a lot more “itchy in my britches” and find myself wanting to scratch constantly.

My wife would ask too many questions if I shaved myself bald- I am not ready to introduce her to my PE practices- I want to have noticeable gains first.

I have also noticed almost all guys in the pictures forum have been shaved pretty close. What I would like to go for is a “mustache just above my dick. I was completely bald about two years ago when I had a vasectomy and the sensitivity during sex was great.

So my question is…. If I shave everywhere, including my balls, and leave only a mustache above my dick- so the wife won’t really notice it so much- what do I do to avoid having to constantly scratch? Plus the hairs, when trimmed feel like little needles in my shorts which makes for more discomfort. Most shaving products have something in them that causes a burning sensation and I have hair that grow partway up the shaft of my dick that would need to be addressed. So what do you guys who shave regularly use/do? Thanks for the help.

I shave around my unit for pumping.

It does itch like hell, and I noticed

the hair grows back faster then I thought they would.

Shaving where the legs meets the ball sack gets really itchy

after a day or two of growing back.

I use a trimmer and razor.

how do you get rid of itch- anybody know?? Powder??

Well, you´ll never completely scape form itch, but some tricks can help:

1. Lots of water and soap before shaving prevents contamination. “Micro-cuts” and the change of the hair bulb state could promote bacteria-skin contact. The skin healing process could be very itching. After shaving it, wash again, use some alcohol-free hidratant (“moisturizer”?) and when it´s dry, use powder. The hidratant (“moisturizer”?) helps the skin restoration, and the powder provides a dry surface, avoiding bacterias.

2. Wash the hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner. It may make your hair softer and avoid the needles effect.

PS: sorry any language mistakes, I´m not an native English speaker, and never had an English lesson.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

Gold Bond Medicated Powder should do the trick.

I trim the hair to 3-5 mm with an electric shaver, it does very well and I don’t have any problem with itching.

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)

I don’t know much about getting rid of pubic hair. Just don’t do it like my very, very stupid friend did- a lighter :p

Allright- How many guys shave their balls as well as the pubes around/on their dicks?? I personally think I would like to have smooth balls.

Tell your wife you want to try new things, then shave and surprise her! If she doesnt like it, tell her youll wait the hair to grow back, then shave again, and if she asks why, tell her that shaving make you feel more “fresh” and “free” down ther! ;) LOL !

Shave your balls and your jelquing zone (around the base) and get rid of all that extra hair that make your pubic zone look like a bush or something! :) Military hair cut on your pubic zone!!


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