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Anyone have any hints or techniques to shaving the pubic area?

No matter what I try I can’t find a way to not cut myself.
All I have found is good ways to stop bleeding and get rid of razor burn.

Razor burn use neosporin or lotion daily maybe twice a day.
Styptic pencils work well to stop bleeding and scabs.

What kind of razor are you using? Most guys really like the Gillette Mach3.

Originally Posted by gprent
What kind of razor are you using? Most guys really like the Gillette Mach3.

I have tried a Mach3, even a women’s Venus razor and a special razor made for shaving “Bikini Area” .

Maybe I am shaving the wrong way?
Should I be going against/with the grain?

Try doing a search. This topic has been discussed ad nauseum.

OT: Shaving, waxing or depilatories.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

I think it’s important that you shave most of the pubic hair ‘with the flow’, to avoid an itchy crotch. The little rests of hair can be shaved against the flow. I’ve tried different ways to shave my pubic area and the best one (for me) is to take a hot shower for a couple of minutes so that my pubic area is warmed up, then shave it with a razor (I use a Gillette Fusion). After each stroke with my blade, I let the water spray on my pubic area, to relax it as much as I can.

norelco bodygroom

9x6.5 is the goal.

I shave every morning in the shower with just soap unless I really want to get smooth then I will use something a little slicker like cream rinse.

The key is to take your time. If you try to go too fast you will cut yourself for sure.

There are a lot of razors that will work as long as they have multiple blades. I like the ones with two or three so that you don’t have to go over the area more than once. Not too fond of the ones with 5 blades, seems like you have to push too hard.

Are you trying to shave just aroung the base of the cock or the entire pubic area?

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Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

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