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Shaving the man area it hurts after. help


p.s. Calling it “the man area” made me laugh! ;)

You don’t want her flossing down there, so I think trimming and shaving is a must.

Plus, it makes your dick look bigger. Isn’t that why we’re all here?

There’s an alternative if you just can’t stand the stuble when it comes back. Tweeze after you shower, Yeah the first few hairs hurt, but then you’ll just be plucking them out quick and mostly easy.

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Originally Posted by oobiedoobie
How can you chaps let a proper razorblade near your cocks? That would scare the bejeezus out of me! I cut myself even with an electric right on the dorsal vein once, and now I can’t face shaving my dick.

Were you drinking while you were shaving your cock?

Goin4it for me it’s just the hairs around the base and on the shaft. Without them I get more blow jobs and it looks an inch bigger.

Camelchoice, I had problems with shaving as well I tried all the methods suggested above, but nothing worked. I always ended up with tiny red spots and a painful stinging sensation for a couple of days after. By the time that subsided I had stubble growing! To make matters worse the stubble began to creep up the shaft after a few months! I also found the same problems with hair removal cream.

To avoid all this I would recommend plucking them. It isn’t that painful it’s all about the technique. Just warm wrap first then don’t yank them out; sort of pull them straight out parallel to the shaft. It is longer lasting and when they do grow back they are less thick!

Hope this helps.

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Don’t use aftershave on it. Never. It will burn like hell.

When I was shaving down there, I would use the nivea creme on the area. It really reduces the friction and tenderness.


However, I use Magic powder all the time. It is easy. Mix it up and apply. Let sit for a few minutes and then scrape off. Makes me smooth as the day I was born. No problems at all.

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