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Sharp intermittent pain when flaccid

Sharp intermittent pain when flaccid

I’m new to this forum but have been stretching and jelqing for about 6 weeks now. I have noticed some thickness and definitely my junk feels meatier since I began, but I may have pulled too hard the other day. I have searched the injury forums but didn’t really find one that fit my issue. I don’t think I had any excess pain during my session but there is a sharp pain that randomly stings my wiener every now and then near the base. It doesn’t hurt when erect, and I had sex last night with no problems, but the pain is definitely there. I am going to take some time off, but in the other forums I really didn’t see what it could be. I guess I’m kind of a worrier and maybe should give it a few days before asking for advice.. But I’m impatient (hence the extra hard session I guess). I read about thrombosed veins and there does appear to be a vein near the surface in the area where it stings but touching the vein doesn’t hurt and pulling my wiener doesn’t cause any pain. I also didn’t see any pain descriptions like this one described in those posts. Just a random sharp sting every now and then. I hope I’m just paranoid and it’s just a normal “over did it” moment, but you guys are the experts!


If things are functioning normally there should not be a problem. but sharp pains are not uncommon, and are most likely to mean that you overdid the tension. Don’t PE for a week or so - until the pain has stopped ‘biting’ and it should be OK to start again. but gently at first.

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Thanks for the quick response. I really didn’t think I could have been doing anything much more worse than the next guy frantically trying to get his unit to grow. By the way, the morning wood is so stinking hard it hurts!! I start waking up about 4 am with a serious throbber and I have to toss and turn until it is time to get up. Is that going to settle down or does that mean I’m doing a good job? I’m going to say the same thing I’ve read everyone else say.. “I can’t’ believe this stuff works!”

Thanks again.. I guess I can be categorized as just another newbie yanking to hard I guess.

Ridiculous wood in the morning is a great sign.

How often is the pain? What your describing sounds similar to something i’ve felt maybe a few times a year randomly most of my life, i just attribute it to random nerve screw around.

Like the wise man petitfaun said, give it a rest until it feels better. Pain is your bodies way of warning you if you don’t heed the warming permanent damage could occur.

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