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I searched for this but I didn’t come up with anything PE related..

When I jelq every 10-30 strokes (actually it’s more like randomly) I like to do this thing where I shake my penis firmly, sort of like cracking a whip or breaking glass on a table in front of you, and point the head down when I do it and I feel a lot of blood rush down into it.

Is this safe? I figure that the extra blood is a positive but since I didn’t read anything about shaking in the newbie routine or the newbie thread I decided to ask if it’s bad?

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It doesn’t sound too dangerous. If anything, the only bad thing I could see happening is if your slapping it really hard on something, you could lose sensitivity. Blood is definitely your friend.

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I know it’s called something.. It was mentioned in one of the routines I saw somewhere. They’re called slaps or something. They’re a good thing to do after the PE and before the cool down or even after. It returns the normal circulation to the penis, and can help with getting better blood flow to prevent injury or pain/sensitivity.

That’s all I remember reading about it, it might be wrong. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Don’t do it while you are at an high degree of erection using too much force, you could tear your TA. Vibrating is a thing, try breaking your penis is another. :)

Slap are done when the penis is flaccid.

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