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Shaking after Kegel Workout

Shaking after Kegel Workout

First off, Ya first post!

I have been lurking here a while, and I started the newbie routine about one and a half months ago. I haven’t measured progress yet, waiting for 2 months, although it definitely seems like I have made some gains. *Fingers crossed*

Anyways since starting the newbie routine I have begun kegels. Yesterday about halfway through my kegel workout I started to notice an intense shaking/twitching in my lower pelvic muscles, and upper legs. I couldn’t really control it, it felt pleasurable(?) but at the same time was really strange and unusual. It kind of freaked me out. So I am wondering if anyone knows what is going on or if anyone has had any experience with this twitching/shaking. Frankly I’m confused and worried.

Further info: I had just ramped up my routine from 50 short, 10 4 second and 50 short kegels, and have begun doing 100 short, 10 4 second, 5 10 second, 10 4 second,and 100 short. This was my second day with the increased intensity kegels.

Once again, if anyone has any ideas of what this could be or what could be causing it answers would be appreciated. Thanks.

You probably just stimulated the prostate when you kegel its possible to stimulate the prostate without even knowing if you never did any prostate play you wouldn’t know. Take this from someone who has a good deal of prostate stimulation from both toys and a frisky ex who started me on this. It is no big deal the prostate can make all the muscles down there and over your entire body twitch its nice enjoy it.

Orgasmic sensations from kegeling a lot? Sounds like fun.

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