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Shaft skin stretching

Shaft skin stretching

Hey guys,

I am new here. But I think concerning the issues here at stake I am at the right place.

Now I do not need to get a bigger Wong as I luckily am blessed by nature on that issue, however I want the sebaceous glands and hairs off of my cock coming from the scrotal skin.

I talked with a doctor once who advised me to stretch the penile skin as skin is very stretchable.
However I only want to stretch the good skin. This is the skin between the frenulum and half down the shaft.

Now I was thinking about buying two flexible cock rings placing it on both ends of the good skin and then placing two objects of the same length on both sides between the rings to keep tension on the skin.

What do you guys think of this idea? What I would like to know is, what is the best tension to get growth but evades stretch marks?
Anyone here experienced with stretching only a part of the shaft skin?

Any input is most welcome!


Have you considered shaving your shaft, down to your scrotum; maybe including the scrotum? I’ve done that. Real nice feeling as a result.



Yeah I always do that but the skin just looks like crap in my case.
Especially the bumps, really scrotal skin you know..

So is there anyone with some stretching advise? Especially concerning stretchmarks.I really don’t want that to happen but I don’t know how much tension I should use to get it to work.

I have the exact same problem, I would fucking love to fix it. I’d almost be happy with the size if I fixed that.

By spots, you mean Fordyce spots right? Little yellowy/white spots underneath the skin. Then you have some turkey neck going up the shaft a bit also.

I’m far to focused on my PE routine to stretch the skin but I do try sometimes. To be perfectly honest I don’t know if anything can work, often people just reported more turkey neck or longer foreskins.

But there were a couple of guys I read about who reported success. If you did the manual version of what you suggested. Make an O shape with your forefinger and thumb then grip the skin, above any hairy/spotty skin. Most of my fordyce spots are at a certain point so I just grab about their, grip quite firmly then create another grip, an inch above and just pull in opposite directions. Do it quite hard so you can feel it, not so hard it makes you want to cry ;)

Then you can move the hand up a bit, making a 2 inch gap and so on, depending how large you are. Just keep stretching all that good skin without stretching the foreskin and scrotum skin. Try doing it, flaccid, semi and erect and see which you like best. Maybe rub some moisturising cream on afterwards to keep the skin from cracking.

Oh and apparently they said just 5-10 minutes a day will grow an inch of skin in a year. *Shrugs*

Please, promise me you will report back with results. I desperately want to fix this problem too.

Hey man,

Yeah I mean fordyce spots, exactly.
My balls are covered in them, and ofcourse the shaft also now..

I KNOW as a fact that skin can stretch like hell.
I mean look at women getting breast enlargement or even people with some kind of tumor in their dick skin, it can grow as big as a football.

In my opinion skin grows due to continuous tension.
So 10 minutes a day might work for an inch.But what if something would grow inside my dick? The skin would stretch.That is what I am trying to invoke.The stretch that also happens when people become fat or have some kind of skin problem creating a huge abscess.

Now I know it sounds disgusting, I am just trying to indicate that the skin is extremely stretchable. You just have to find a way and imho I think it is by continuous stretch.

So I am cracking my brain on this one.thinking about elastics pushed away from eachother and so on..

My first gues is two tight rubber flexible rings and pushing them away from eachother by two sticks.
And leaving it on for the whole day. So I have to find a way to do it during work n stuff.

I also would like to do it at night, however it must be able to flex with a stiffy. I do not want to cut off any blood vessels while at sleep.

So it is something like two flexible cock rings pushed away from eachother. But cock rings would be too tight at night with a hard on.However elastics would be good to use but they are a bitch to push away from eachother and using external sticks for that would be impossible when you sleep.

So any input with ideas are GREATLY welcome.

Just found this research from Harvard concerning the acceleration of skin growth in mice by stretching.

They state that growth was higher when applying cyclical stretching instead of static stretching. I guess they mean ‘stretch - let go, stretch-let go” by cyclical stretching? Instead of a cycle for 8 hours and then 8 hours rest?

I’m new here too. I’m circumcised and I’ve been stretching the shaft skin in an attempt to gain back some foreskin. I’ve been working at it for about 1-1/2 years and have seen noticeable improvement. It is going slow, but I’ll keep at it. Good luck in your quest!

How do you do it?

Go to this site “”

It will give you many options on how to grow more shaft skin. It is a slow process, but can be done.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

This is awesome!

I thought I was alone with scrotum skin on my dick :)

Thanks 4Foreskin for the link, I’ll definitely check that out and incorporate their exercises in my routine.

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Originally Posted by abbelito

This is awesome!

I thought I was alone with scrotum skin on my dick :)

Thanks 4Foreskin for the link, I’ll definitely check that out and incorporate their exercises in my routine.

It may be turkey neck and stretching the skin may make it worse. Get a hold of TLC Tugger here on this site.

His side company is all about restoring foreskin. If anybody will know, I believe he would be the one to ask.

You could look into buying a foreskin restoration device such as a TLC Tugger. (Under 50$)

I’m literally wearing mine right now. It works.

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