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SFL longer after V & A stretches

SFL longer after V & A stretches

I wonder if anyone has noticed this. My SFL is about .25” longer than my usual SFL right after doing a V or A stretch. I’m not sure why this is, if it is normal, or if it indicates anything. It only lasts 10 -20 seconds if I don’t keep it stretched in some way, so I’ve though of doing lig stretches directly after V/A stretches. Anyone else familiar with this?

Also, I’d like for others to test this out if they don’t mind.

Nobody else get this?

Wow, I did some straight down stretches in between my V/A DLD blaster stretches and I felt a lig stretch that I never have before with just a downward stretch, loved it!

Sounds like if you can get this extra .250”, then jump into a stretcher or weights to maintain length + .250”, it would be doing work.

I guess I need to look into V and A stretches myself.

Yes, I think I’ll definitely give that a go after I move on from just manual exercises, it seems like it’d be a great way to enter into an ads or hanging session for sure.

By the way, it seems it takes 30 sec to a minute to get this extra sfl from a regular V/A stretch, but if I immediately do a DLD blaster (5 sec kegel, followed by a 5 sec reverse kegel), I can immediately get that extra length and go right into whatever lig stretch I want.

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