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When jelqing, I do sets of 100 pulling straing forward (3 oclock). Is this a good way. Suggestions very welcomed . Thanx

Hi LA323hls

Welcome to Thunders, What do you exactly mean when you say pulling whilst jelqing?

Welcome, LA!

I suggest that you read this excellent thread for some Jelqing advice.

Be sure to check out the section on angle and position!

Happy Jelquing :D


I mean Jelqing forward parallel to the ground

That’s a good way to do it, LA323.

I’ve been jelqing that way for over a year and it’s been working. Don’t give up on it, though. In six months you might not see any length in erection, but I’m pretty sure you’ll have some flaccid length and girth. In a year, you’ll be glad you started. Good luck with that.

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No length in 6 months?? I’ve read about length gains in 2 months. I need that should I do my routine for length. Right now it’s jelqing with 80% erect.

Newbie Routine

Check above thread for newbie routine. If you want length you have to include in your routine stretch.
And regarding the gains depending of each person. Someone could gain one inch in only one month and another one in two years or more. But the majority have seen positive results in couple on months.


Sorru I want clear. My routine is:

Warm up with towel for 5 min
Stretch for 5 (left, right, forward) .no downwards because risk of nerve damage
Jelq 3 sets of 100 at 80% erect.
Warm towel

I’m trying to gain length more than girth. I have read that jelqing at less erect (ex.60%) is more for legnth. But after the session, it returns to normal length and feels like nothing happend. Thats why I do at 80%

Risk of nerve damage from stretching down?? Is this true?

Never heard of nerve damage from stretching down unless you are doing it wrong. And I have never experienced any in my years of PE.

-Tom “Safety First” Foolery

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Wat about jelqing for length as opposed to girth, the routine would be different right? I’ve read that lesser erection jelqing is more length focused

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