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Serious question


Serious question

How should I conduct myself as a 21 yr old man with a small penis? Any input is appreciated and implemented. Thanks

In today’s society.

Other than jelqing, I know to do that and have been. Jp90 on week 2

Well I would imagine it’s hard that’s for sure with how girls/women are now a days especially with porn.. Personally I would stay away from a lot of girls that just want sex.. I’d try hard and find a girl that actually liked me and could see myself having a future with.. Pretty sure she will accept and love you no matter what.. There is more to love life than just dick size.

Well if its more to love life than dick size, why should I stay away from girls that want just sex?

There’s nothing special you should do simply because of your size. The only “downside” of a smaller penis is that a few girls might turn you down once the pants drop.
That doesn’t mean you stop approaching girls, doing so would only mean that you’ll have less girls than before.

If anything, step your game up.
Work on yourself as a person and meet up with a lot of girls so that you have a lot of opportunity to find someone who doesn’t really mind your size.
As you probably know, a guys behavior is the number one thing that attract girls. Appearance is always secondary, a big dick might lure women in, but it cant keep them there by itself.

Regarding the comment that said you should stay away from girls only wanting sex - There’s a higher chance that these types of girls might reject you (size queens),
however as I said before don’t avoid chicks you “think” will dislike your dick. Dare to find out if they really do, and learn to not take their judgement personal.

In the end you can have more sex and more girls than the biggest of guys, because you are confident and don’t back down.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314


Thanks. But isnt there a correlation between dick size and confidence/attitude? How can a small penis guy be confident? And how should the dude dress? Lol at small dicks, what a damn shame

When a girl is interested in you its you they are interested in not the cock, that may be a bonus but I have never had any girl that I have been interested in or has been interested in me ask if I had a big cock otherwise they were not interested. Yes a girl out for a one night stand might want to have a big cock but I’m guessing that its the sex they are after and the cock size is a bonus that’s all and that unless you are so small and I mean micro then I don’t think she will say um no thanks and get up and go.. Moral of story.. Don’t have 1 night stands find a girl to love and who loves you.. Cock size will be much less important.

Originally Posted by SergBuhgurg
Thanks. But isnt there a correlation between dick size and confidence/attitude? How can a small penis guy be confident? And how should the dude dress? Lol at small dicks, what a damn shame

Being confident about your dick, is a matter of perception. What I mean is that there is no biological connection between your dick size and your confidence as a man.

Most small guys are -> thinking <- that their dick will cause them rejection, they’re thinking that girls dislike their size, and every time they think about girls all they imagine is how they will disappoint them. So of course that thinking doesn’t make them confident.

Yet perception is a choice.

So another small guy may look at it like this -

“Hm yes I am small, and yes more girls might reject me compared to bigger guys. But that doesn’t mean I should stop looking for the girls that actually like me and enjoy my dick!
“And since I know some women might not get fully satisfied from my size then I will also learn how to give them great oral/fingerblast/foreplay etc.”

And if this positive guy happen to meet a chick that straight out tell him that his size is not enough - He doesn’t see it as failure.
He may have liked the girl a lot but he acknowledge the fact that they simply didn’t match.
It’s not anything more complicated than a “mismatch”.
But most guys want to use the validation of the girl to build upon their own ego, so therefore they suffer a lot from negative comments. But in the end, it is all their own choice.

*Regarding how a small guy should dress -> however you want to dress :p
If you wanna be a cool guy, then work on your own style - what “feels like you”.
If you wanna be “approved” by societies standards then look at Men’s magazines etc.

*And regarding “damn shame” to be small, it may be the general perception in society - but as I said it is simply a perception.
If you want a small dick to be a damn shame you will find a way to justify that. If you want it to be something positive then judge your penis by other standards. Nothing is right or wrong.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

I agree with Sumbigd.

What do you think about you depends from you.

You are so young, you have many time to work on it, if you want.

Good luck.

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Hi, In society like this…

Self esteem can be taught. That means that as a person you can learn it.

I would recommend you reading few books, for example try some books by Osho, even though he is against ego, he helped me a lot with this issue. He is learning some methods how to “get out of your head”.

On the other hand I would like you to read the book by Nathaniel Brandon - Six pillars of self esteem, I think that he is very profound on this topic.

Literally Work your ass of to learn the self esteem!

From girls reactions - I don’t have a big dick or so, but they are usually very happy, that I’m very enthusiastic about giving my best to eat their pussies out… You just got to love it and nurture them the right way. Try to find as many info about this as you can. Try to find different approach, you can try some toys with girls, most of guys are scared to use them, because they are intimidated by them. You don’t have to be, You can be very different than most guys, you can be kinky when it comes to sex. You don’t have to act like a cocky bastard, just be yourself do your best.

Good luck

GOAL - BPEL anything that comes along with 5.5 EG

What size are we talking about? Answer the question please. Be specific and I ‘ll let you know what I think.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

5.5x4.1 NBPEL

3.5xThin flaccid

Ok…. You need girth. Start jelqing. Go and find the linear newbie routine and start there exclude stretches. You don’t want it a lot longer if is not thicker first.As you noticed I didn’t mention anything about your length. You need girth though. Your dick isn’t small.It’s just thin. You can fix that. It’s nothing. On the way you you will gain a little length too.

How is this sounds? 6x5 in a year and a half from now. Very decent size. Very possible to happen. Start jelqing son. Carefully at first, don’t get excited. Cause you will see your flaccid thicker in about a month.

As for the ladies.. Women absolutely love, in my opinion, confidence, humor and integrity, with confidence being the most important. Work on that. Always speak your mind firmly to every woman. Acting like you can solve everything is a big plus. Not being cocky. You need something that says << This guy can solve any shit anyone throws on him easily, is badass too and nothing bad will happen to me when I am with him for sure>>

Women love this. If you are also funny it’s a big plus. I strongly believe that a very comfident man can get any woman he likes. Regardless of penis size.

Yep, good looks are secondary, education/job is secondary, attitude is everything when it comes to women and life in general.

Check out RSD Tyler on youtube for inspiration

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

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