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Serious question, plz answer

Serious question, plz answer

Just need to ask you guys a question.

Well because i get so erect, verticle rock hard erection at just 6 inches in length, i just can’t work out how erect i should be, if im over 90 degrees, then im rock solid and it hurts when i jelq, someone please ensure me.

Is it supposed to hurt a bit? or shall i be doing it with no pain, soft but up?

Thanks guys, Gow

Just try and get a less intense erection, about 60-70% of maximum hardness. If this is a problem you can masturbate a couple hours before PE and by the time of your workout your member should be a little more calmed down.

I agree with Roadto8 here. And there’s also another thing that works for me in similar situations: i jelq a little fully erect (since i can’t lower my erection level), maybe 75-100 jelqs. Then i take a break (5-10 min) and start off again. This time round my dick doesn’t get past 70-85%.

Give it a try!

Hope i’ve been of help.

Someday i'll be HUGE!

And then i'll show 'em :D :D :D

Girthmanof xmas,

Are you under the impression that you have to be 90 degrees or over when you jelq?

You do not have to be. It is about the percentage of fullness of the erection not the angle when jelqing,

If I misunderstood then nevermind.

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