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Serious length

Serious length

If you want to put on some serious length and only length, what kind of stretches should a person with a LOT of around 6-7 do, and for how long? Also, should I continue to jelq?

The good thing about having a low LOT is that it really doesn’t matter what angle you hang at—you’re always concentrating the force on your tunica.

That said, force will be applied most directly to you inner tunica if you stretch at higher angles—between straight out and straight up. As for how long it takes, opinions vary and so will your mileage. The number 10 hours per week has been tossed around in the hanger’s forum. That’s a good amount of time to shoot for.

I strongly recommend your buying or making a hanger. The Captain’s Wench is reportedly very good for upward angles, although I haven’t tried it (Dino has). My Bib Hanger works well, too.

IMO, jelqing is primarily a girth workout, but many people experience length gains from jelqing. Based on what I know today, I would suggest you stop jelqing and give hanging a try. Avoid packing on more girth until you’ve made good progress with length. Maybe even wait until you’ve hit your length goal.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Like ModestoMan said, stretching at higher angles is going to be better for you since you have low LOT. I wouldnt do 10 hours a week of stretching however. 10 hours is a lot for stretch, even for PE I would say.

Im doing 45 minutes session, 4 sessions per week, and I’ve made great gains, about 0,5 inches in 1.5 months. I think it’s depend with every guy out here. I think nobody should have the same routine, every one are gaining differently, same as bodybuilding.

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