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Serious about starting PE now, need some simple advice

Serious about starting PE now, need some simple advice

I have been here for a while now, but haven’t posted or looked at the site in a year. A lot has happened for me: I got laid and been in a couple of relationships, continued therapy with success, college….

With sex, I found myself wanting to be more on the bottom. Although one ex liked it on top and got off, she would liked to try other positions. I tried missionary but my bed wasn’t much support because my legs and feet kept slipping… I tried reverse cowgirl and it worked well. I never tried the back yet. Both sexual females were a bit larger and I felt I wouldn’t reach due to so much in the rear.

But overall, I lasted and had no complaints on size except- too many times I had to finish up with blow jobs between them, jerking myself off, because I couldn’t cum in a timely matter.

I know I have to start this now. Do experience users think starting with the newbie routine alone is ideal for a beginner?

What else can I use besides that routine?

Can I use an extender if excersing becomes too much to handle (if so which type or that thread)?

Can I use weights or hangers as well (if so what kind or direct me to that thread)?

I want to make this a fact of life for me and continue improving on my self image but I want to successfully gain.

Thank you.

Yeah. You should always start with the newbie routine to avoid serious injuries. Never jump to hanging or clamping at the moment because you need to do some conditioning first before you can do those two. What you can do right now are stretching and jelqing.. Nothing else. After 1-2 months then you can add an extender if manual exercises become too much to handle for you. But the truth is, manual exercises alone that you can found here are enough to give you good gains. It’s really up to you if you want to add an extender. Last but not the least, know your limits. Don’t push yourself too much. It happened to me once and I swear you’d never want to be in my place. I got pretty bad injury because I was too excited with my routine. Take it really slowly and easy.

Good luck to you an I am sure gains would be on your way with the right attitude.

Jut read the newbie thread and follow it— that’s what it’s there for.

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