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Sensitive Head

Sensitive Head

Hi all,

I suffer with really bad PE as some of you my know from my other posts.
I was masturbating today with lube and realised that when I stroked over my head (I’m circumcised) that at bottom of the head (lip) I was getting the urge to ejaculate. So I’m thinking this is my weakness in premature ejection.

How can I “fix” this as it were?

Also any other help with premature ejaculation would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Masturbate more often, then the sensitivity goes down.

Starting 01/05/2009: BPEL: 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) MSEG: 12.5 cm (4.9 inches)

back then: BPEL: 17.5 cm (6.9 inches) MSEG: 13 cm (5.1 inches)

Now: BPEL: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) MSEG: 12.7 cm (5.0 inches)

Jelqing will desensitize your a bit. If you are younger it will most likely stay that way for years to come.

Be happy that you are sensitive.

Don’t try to “deaden” yourself, learn to appreciate it and work with it.

You need to start edging. Once you can last 30 minutes by yourself, you can last as long as you want with a partner.

Edging will help you learn more about how your penis responds, and you will learn more about the signs that you are about to ejaculate.

I find it is best to do without porn, as you need to totally focus on the sensations you are feeling. Porn will distract you from that. If you want to watch porn while you get hard, that is ok. But once you are hard, TURN IT OFF and concentrate on what you are feeling.

There used to be a great link with a “How To” but it is dead, so here are the basics:

— Use a good lube.

— Try to masturbate for 30 minutes without ejaculating.

— During that period try to come close to ejaculating 4 or 5 times or more, but either stop stimulating yourself or change the stimulation so that you don’t ejaculate

(at some point you will figure out how to keep yourself on that “edge” before ejaculating — the feeling that you are just about to blow your load. Basically you will be able to prolong that from the usual couple seconds to as long as you want too)

— At the end of the thirty minutes KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!

— Don’t feel bad if you make a “mistake” and come before you have hit your time goal. Just enjoy the orgasm and better luck next time. It is all a learning experience.


Personally I took it in stages. First I “trained” myself to go for 10 minutes. Then I added time until I was finally up to thirty.

Hope this helps and best of luck.

Thanks sta-kool, how often did you edge? Did you do it for a couple of days then have a day off?

I found a pdf I saved from that old site. The site was

There is a long section that explains the ejaculation process, I am skipping that because you can probably google that up. Here are the instructions the author gives:



Since emission and ejaculation are two distinctive processes inside the male body, they can be separated with the edging technique. This enables men to have several (half)
orgasms on a row without entering the PERT phase. Separating both requires some practice, but most of all a lot of discipline.

When emission starts, our body wants us to continue stimulation for a few more seconds in order to start the ejaculation trigger.

You’ll need to have the power to say ‘no’ to your own pleasurable feelings, which is not easy at all in the beginning. Most men automatically ejaculate after emission, simply because
they don’t have the power to stop stimulation since it feels too good.

Edging is not difficult at all once you know what the emission phase feels like. Some men can feel the tickling sensation of the fluids moving from the ampulla’s and the seminal vesicles
towards the prostate. All men, however, feel that their pelvic muscle (the so-called ‘pee muscle’) contracts during the emission phase. This feels like you need to go to the toilet, but you squeeze your muscles and try not to pee. The muscle is contracted, and pulled upwards. Try to stop peeing when you’re going to the toilet, and you’ll feel the muscle that comes into
play. When this muscle contracts, emission begins. This is the key moment in edging. As soon as you feel this muscle clamping down, immediately stop all stimulation. If you were touching your penis, pull away your hands, if you were stimulating your nipples or other body parts, stop doing so. Timing is crucial. If stimulation goes on a second too long, ejaculation will occur.

What you need to do now is to release the tension of the pelvic muscle. Instead of pulling the muscle up as if you are trying to stop peeing, push the muscle down, like when you’re farting or
making bowel movements. Try this out first a couple of times without masturbating, while sitting on a chair for instance. The switch has to be done as soon as you feel the muscle tensing.

Remember it won’t be easy; your body will tell you to continue stimulation and will try to contract and pull up your pelvic muscle. You’ll need to do the opposite: stop stimulation and
push out. Continue pushing till you feel the orgasm fade away. This will take about three to five seconds. Don’t stop pushing before the feeling you’re going to ejaculate subsides. Don’t
worry if it doesn’t work the first time, just keep on practicing.

Sometimes your muscles in your abdomen will contract once or twice, which may feel like ejaculation is going to start, but eventually these contractions will stop.
While you’re edging, small or large amounts of fluid may run out of your penis. If the fluid is clear and sticky, it’s most probably produced by the Cowper’s glands. If the fluid looks like egg
white, it’s accumulated sperm that’s being pushed out.

If you successfully performed the edging technique, you will have felt the beginning of an orgasm, but a full ejaculation did not occur and your penis will stay erect for a while. At this point,
you’ll feel a slight pressure inside your abdomen, caused by the sperm ready to be released. This feels like you have to pee, but you can’t. Some men report this as a frustrating feeling, which
can last for a day if at the end of a session no full orgasm occurs.

After waiting a short while, you can continue to stimulate your penis. Your might have lost your erection in the mean while, which is normal. The goal is to start masturbating again and to go for a new half orgasm, repeating this process as often as you wish. During every emission phase, more fluid will accumulate inside your prostate. Pressure inside will build up and once you
decide to let yourself ejaculate, the force and the amount of semen will be enormous.

You don’t necessarily need to finish your masturbation session with an ejaculation. Some people find it erotic to edge in the morning a few times and go to work with the tension in their genitals, caused by not ejaculating (blue balls). In the BDSM world, edging without ever ejaculating is known as orgasm. denial. Don't edge too frequently without ejaculating,
because it is known to cause infections at the prostate.


W hen you’ve mastered the edging technique, you can even ‘fool’ your body even more with the ‘double- decker’ method. Instead of one orgasm with ejaculation, you can have two full orgasms on top of each other in a few seconds time. The downside of this technique is that after the second orgasm, the PERT phase will start.

In order to have two orgasms in a row, stop stimulation during the emission phase, but don’t push out the pelvic muscle. Just relax and let your body contract the muscle, as if you were
having a normal orgasm. If the timing is right, ejaculation will start without you touching your body (a so called handsfree orgasm). Between the third and fourth spurt of semen, continue
stimulation of your penis. If you do it right, a second (and final) orgasm will occur on top of the first one and a new (less powerfull) ejaculation phase will start.

Another trick is to continue stimulation during the emission phase, but to limit the stimulation to very, very, very light touch. This enables you to ‘surf’ on the orgasmic wave, going
from a firm stimulation to reach the emission phase to a light stimulation to avoid a full orgasm and so on.


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