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Semi-Newbie Routine

Semi-Newbie Routine

What’s up, guys? I’ve been lurking on here for a few months now, but have known about PE for several years. For the first several years after discovering PE, I never really implemented a full routine, primarily sticking to edging/ballooning and minimal sporadic jelqing. My EQ improved, even though it was already quite good (being young has its advantages; I turn 22 next month), but I think it’s pretty clear to assume that I never saw any measurable gains. I started using an actual routine around the time I created an account here, and after roughly 4 weeks I noticed some modest length gains from what I remember my pre-PE measurements being (somewhere between 0.1 and 0.25 inches), but I never measured girth pre-PE, so I didn’t have a reference measurement to see if I’d made gains in that department as well. Over the rest of the Summer, my gains essentially stopped, most likely due to a lack of consistency in doing the exercises enough times each week. Now that I’m back at college, I’ve decided to adhere to a 5-on-2-off routine that I began implementing just over a week ago. My routine is as follows:

1) Warm-up. I live in a dorm and don’t have a microwave for a rice-sock, so this usually means at least 5 minutes of fowfers.

2) 10 dry-jelqs.

3) 10 JAI stretches going down, up, left, right and straight out. Do 10 dry-jelqs between each set of JAIs (e.g. 10 JAIs down, 10 dry-jelqs, 10 JAIs up, 10 dry-jelqs, etc.).

4) Dry-Jelq in sets of 25 for as long as desired, and/or edge if horny.

That’s it. The only time I change this is when I’m showering, in which case I up the reps to 15 JAIs in each direction and 25 dry-jelqs between stretches, along with 3 reps of v-stretches (base, middle, and just below the glans) with 25 more dry-jelqs between each rep.

5/2 is a good schedule for college. Leaves the weekends open for drinking. ;)

Why so into the JAI stretch?

That’s exactly why I chose to go with a 5/2. ;)

JAI stretches instead of normal manual stretches is just a personal preference thing. I feel like 30-second stretches would tire my arm out more than lots of 2-second stretches. I like that it avoids the kick-back reflex, and feel that it allows me to maintain the same amount of force for each stretch more easily. Also it appears to be working, so that’s usually a good reason to like it haha. While I won’t be measuring anytime soon, I have noticed more heavier, longer flaccids than before I started the routine.

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