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Semi-newbie questions

Semi-newbie questions

Ok there guys, finally gonna make a real post on my experience so far w/PE:

Here is what I’ve been doing for about 1.5mos: Began heating, then stretching in various angles(manually), followed by heating, then wet jelqs(around 300), followed by heating.

I’ve added, in the past two weeks, pumping. I do this for a few sets of 5-10 min after I’ve stretched/heated, and after the pumping I am doing the power jelq(2 hands alternating up the shaft, each one replacing the other after a complete jelq at the base).

I’ve recently started ‘edging’ in between my sets of pumping, which is seeming to make my cock alot more full when I’m in the pump(btw the pump I am using is of poor quality, it’s defintely too thick in diameter and I will buy a proper one this week).

Of course, I kegel throughout the day. Actually I did kegels after my last workout and it was crazy, I was holding the kegel so long that i could feel the muscle just twitching like I was hitting muscular failure. First time for me.

Things I’ve noticed:

dry jelquing just isn’t happening for me. I can feel my skin now becoming alot more looser on my shaft, which is good right? Maybe I’ll be able to dry jelq as the skin stretches.

I’ve started to use a piece of cloth to hold when i’m doing stretching, it really makes a difference for me.

My cock has gotten realll veiny now, it’s nuts(LOL). But for real, when I go to jelq after I pump it really is different to feel these big veins on the sides of my cock. They were never this pronounced.

I feel like I’m hanging alot lower now. It’s pretty nice.

I have a question for you guys; I notice my erection angle is really high, I mean it really points up when I’m fully hard…..This sometimes becomes a problem during sex if she’s doing a reverse cowgirl on me, trying to bend it that way is like bending a straw the wrong way, there’s no flow and I’ll feel myself going soft. Is there anything that will really change my erection angle?

This site is great, it really is. I think I heard about it once on the meso-rx board(i’m a bb’er btw) and I decided to take a look at what was here. It’s really great, everyone here doesn’t seem to flame each other and all of this free exchange of info is incredible.

I’ll post some stats when I get a cloth tape measure.

I am not certain on this as I am new as well, but I think a high erection level could mean that you will be able to make some great gains by stretching downward. I think that would also change the level.

Hi thetorch. It sounds like you’re doing well.

My erection angle has lowered some from PE, but I’m not sure how much of that is from longer ligs and how much is from a heavier dick. My penis now has more “range of motion,” meaning it can be pushed down farther when erect without discomfort than it used to.

Check your LOT. If it’s quite high, stretching ligs is the way to go for length and should also help provide some slack so that pulling your erection down to perpendicular isn’t uncomfortable.

Agreed. I have been focusing on more strecthing downward and/or backward, forgot to mention that. Hope it’ll help.

one more thing…I had noticed earlier on with the jelquing that I was starting to develop little bumps on the base of my shaft. There weren’t ever more than three total, but looked almost like an ingrown hair. I have always been trimmed up down there and I just assumed maybe the hairs were being irritated from the friction of the jelq. Now I keep a cup of hot water w/me when I’m wet jelqing, b/c being very lubed seems to lessen the chance of that irritation.

are those the blisters i’ve read about people getting?

The only PE-caused blisters I’m aware of are from using too much vacuum when pumping. They occur on the head.

Sounds like what you have are inflamed hair follicles, assuming they aren’t ingrown hairs. Jelqing with lube right after shaving probably isn’t a good idea. If you shave frequently, maybe cut down on the frequency and/or leave more time between shaving and your workouts.

Don’t pump immediately after shaving either. I did that once and was amazed at how much blood got sucked out of an imperceptible nick.

I have a high erection angle too when I am 100% erect. It’s even difficult for me to measure my erect length because it’s difficult to straighten out my cock when fully erect! I think I would measure longer if my penis was straigher…

So are you guys saying that if I stretch downwards it would be better in my case? I stretch in all directions - should I just stretch downwards? Would the ‘lazy ass stretch’ help?


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I wanted to bump this up again b/c I have a few other questions:

When I’m doing a stretch where I pull my cock back ‘between the cheeks’, it’s not the most comfortable thing on my sack. I mean the shaft kinda separates the testicles during this type of stretching, right? If anyone has any tips on minimizing that odd feeling, feel free to chime in.

Also, what are some good options for heating? I’ve been using this microwavable thing that was meant for heating necks mostly, it’s pretty much like a big version of a thicker ‘rice sock’. However, I think I left it in the microwave too long and burnt a hole in the side of it, redering it useless. I ended up using towels soaked in hot water but the rag would need to be changed alot, not very efficient IMO. What are some other options for the moist heat?

I’m gonna look for a thera-p wrist wrap tomorrow when I go to the store. Couldn’t hurt, right?

sorry for the shameless bump, I know I should have started a new thread. Sorry.

I use the neck thing too torch. I like it a lot. I found it much more comfortable for me than an infra-red light.

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