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Semi girth bigger


Semi erect girth bigger

While I have been practicing PE, I have come to be more familiar with my penis and it seems to me that my erect girth (100%) is smaller than when I have a slightly less intense erection (say 90-95%.) At first I thought it may just be a visual thing, the glans being larger when 100%, but I have noticed that it feels larger in my hand as well. I will measure this when I get a chance.

I remember reading about this somewhere on the site, but a search didn’t return any hits.

Anyone else know this to be true or know where the information is located on Thunders?

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I suppose it could be true. The tunica, at maximal length expansion, could become slightly more narrow. I wouldn’t consider it a problem or abnormal.

I experience a similar phenomenon, but also have not measured to see if there actually is a difference.

When I’m losing an erection after ejaculation, my girth is bigger by .25-.5”. I actually measured it. The reason is because as it shrinks in length, there is more room for it to expand in other directions, and with the massive amount of blood already in the penis, it just fills out in the easiest places.


I’m in the same boat. I think it’s normal. At 90-95% erect, my head is bigger too.

No more than .25” bigger though, maybe just .1” - .2”.

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only sufferer.! I found it strange because I would have thought that 100% erect the pressure inside the penis would be at it’s highest and that this pressure would push the sides out as well as extending the length. I guess at maximum length, the sides of the penis would be under tension and harder to push outwards.

Thanks to all for the responses.


I’ve notice the same thing, my girth is alittle bigger when I’m around 80 to 90% erect. I would say it’s about .25 inch less when fully erect.



So it’s not just me after all :) .I got the same thing.

Starting size:

Length - 6.5

Girth - 5

weird because i measured last night and my semi-erect is also thicker?

Me Too.Cosmic!

Completely normal. Haven’t you guys ever streatched a rubber band or balloon?

As something elongates it naturally thins out a bit, when it retracks it naturally gets a little chubbier.

In dealing with a penis (consider a ballon filled with water) all of the blood engorging your erect penis probably hasn’t had the time to exit yet. You’re probably wondering; hey why can’t I keep this big fat girth when I’m fully erect then? Well, as your dick’s retracking from full erect, the skin now has the opportunity to expand more laterally. The skin, or whole penis for that matter, is not being streached to it’s limit length wise anymore so now it has the opportunity to expand sideways until such a time as all the blood in your penis has had the chance to return to your body. I hope that makes sense, it always did to me.

Considering that balloon analogy,

The more you stretch, pull, and fill the balloon to it’s maximum capacity, the larger it becomes. Both in it’s flaccid state and when completely filled. Until of course you reach that point at which you become over zealous and blow that balloon up past it’s maximum capacity and it …. explodes! I don’t ever recall any exploding dick stories so I think in that respect we’re pretty safe.

Because the blood hasn’t yet filled the head or is released from head back to shaft.

This is also the reason why it is better to do jelqs while only about 1/2 - 3/4ths erect. You can really expand the penis and you can get a better squeeze verses being fully erect.

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