Selling my Penimaster *original German model not cheap knock-off*


I’m selling my Penimaster extender, from the site

This is (probably) the best quality ADS device you can get. Designed and made in Germany! What makes it unique amongst the hundreds of other ADS devices is that it has clips to hold in the fastening straps. A common complaint with other ADS devices is that the straps that hold your penis into the device keep slipping out of their slots; this does not happen with the penimaster.

I’ll be selling the ADS with all the original extension rods, two fastening straps and one new roll of bandage for cushioning your penis when it’s strapped in. All parts have been sterilized by soaking in an antibacterial solution. The device is rust proof by the way!

It’s actually a pretty comfy device to wear once you have baggy enough trousers. I gained about half an inch with it about a year ago, using it sporadically over the space of about 6-7months, I wasn’t very disciplined. If this is used with military precision every day, you would see better results.

Here’s a link to a guy who’s using a similar device, he’s doing pretty well. Almost 1 inch in 6 months:…week-t2866.html

I stopped using it as I got lazy and to be honest, myself and the girl are happy enough!

I’m selling it for 150usd including registered shipping worldwide. I’ll write “excercise device” or something on the package. All will be discreet.