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selfconscious in the locker room

selfconscious in the locker room

Hi guys

Something new for me

My flaccid hang increased about 5 mm length and girth, maybe a bit more

and somehow I feel a bit shy and selfconscious in the gym locker-room now,

coz it looks quite big, and I dont want those guys to think I m aroused !

(I m NOT complaining, it feels awesome to hide your dick coz he s kinda big)

hahhaahha I have that shit sometimes to!!


Don’t worry about it! Just be proud of the new size you have. The other guys won’t think you’re aroused. They’ll probably just be a bit jealous.


That look is what i am working so hard to achieve! My problem had always been I was self conscious about being so short. Enjoy your new look. Believe me, if anything, guys will be jealous.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I actually see many guys that hang significantly in showers. I go to my university’s gym. I have never thought that they were aroused. Actually I felt jealous that they hung so much, and I always wondered how much more could they grow when erect. Because my flaccid hanging length was short, but it grew more than 100% when erected. At those times, I didn’t know about PE, and just learned two weeks ago. I wonder whether those guys achieved that hung equipment through PE, as well. Because just after two weeks of PE, my thing is also hanging, and doesn’t hide in its cave(doesn’t contract, get smaller when flaccid).


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