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Self absorbed.

Self absorbed.

I’ve been doing some searches and I’m not totally finding the answers to the questions I have in my mind at this time, so if you guys could help a newb..

Background: I’m 24, 6.8 length, good girth (I can’t remember off the top of my head). I finally have had the opportunity to lose my v-card and on both situations it didn’t work out so well (she was really tight, couldn’t get it in, and we stopped after a while). I had trouble getting it up after both times.

Problem: I’m worried that I’ve missed my game. I can already see that my erections do not have the stamina they used to, sex has already been a disappointment, and I’m thinking about just giving it up and dedicating myself to my art (writing/scriptwriting). Everything I read tells me that the best sex years of my life are behind me and that I should start settling into a more mature and stable life..

But I’m not ready for that. I don’t think it’s fair. I didn’t have a promiscuous/lascivious period. I didn’t have a chance to play the field and experiment.. Something I see a lot of my mates have had. They’re all starting to settle in after “sowing their wild oats” and I don’t want to be thirty-something, married, with a wandering eye wishing for years that have already passed.

I’m not looking for sappy words of encouragement.. I just want an honest evaluation of what I can expect or advice from the older members on lessons they’ve learned.

Maybe I’m being self-absorbed, but these things are on my mind regardless.

It’s all in your mind lad..

I’m 25 and have been with the same girl for the last 6 years. I had a few nice flings before her but I can honestly say this last year with her has been the best sex of my life..(coincidentally the same time I’ve been PEing…:-k )

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I’m going to be 25 soon and pretty much in the same boat as you. I’d don’t know where I want to go and what I want to do and feel like I completely wasted my college experience. I’m trying to fix things and get my life together, but I haven’t figured things out myself so I can’t really tell you what to expect. Still, figured you ought to know you’re not the only person who is lost.

As far as stamina and performance, you shouldn’t have to worry much. Yes, sure, things might not be as easy as when you were 18, but at 24 things should still be working well. Sex drive is affected by a lot of things both physiological and psychological so you might just be in a rut mentally or maybe you need to improve your diet or take a multivitamin. If you had any problems in the past, it was probably just mental. Performance anxiety seems to affect a lot of guys.

I remember in the second half of my 20’s I began to feel I was getting over the hill. I hadn’t had many partners and went years sometimes between partners. When I did meet someone (often after beer), it was usually a disappointment, and I felt that somehow I was sabotaging myself and missing out on a lot of fun.

That was about 10 years ago, and I’ve recently started to travel much farther afield than I’m used to (in fact, I’ve decided to emigrate). I put myself in a new environment with completely different culture and different kind of women. That made a huge difference for me as I didn’t have any existing behavioral programming to deal with everything I encountered. I didn’t go there for the women, and to be honest, they didn’t really look like my thing (Asian). Boy was I wrong! When there in person I was walking around with almost permanent woody, bags of opportunity and some great times. I’ve really got the bug. Back in my home country at the moment and I’m back to my old self. I don’t sport woody no matter how attractive they appear to be. There’s something missing for me (okay, it’s all in my head). But I’m going for sure where the sun shines and the women do it for me.

Another way of saying all that is, a couple of less than optimal experiences can sometimes have a disproportionate effect on how you approach future opportunities. Some people can reprogram their beliefs. For me I had to change the environment so that those beliefs were invalid and I had to create new ones in order to function. Sometimes I get a little jealous of people who’s first experience of something (anything) was a good one, and subsequent participation reinforced those positive aspects. If the first experiences aren’t good ones, then you have to be careful not to think yourself into success avoidance.

Q: Self absorbed?

A: Yes. Yes I am.


Hey, I’m going to be 32 this year, and I must say that my sex life was sad to say the least from 23 to around 30, I would not have sex for like six months, and when I did have sex was a total disappointment for me and for my girl, somehow around that age I decided I didn’t care about sex anymore, just wanted to have a child and go on with my life, trying to explore other aspects of life. At that point everything changed, I said to myself, if a feel like having sex I’ll just go find a girl and at least try, it doesn’t matter if I can’t get it up or if I just last for 1 minute.and boom two hours just fly by.. After that I start worrying less and less, worrying less about my partner and trying to get pleasure only for myself, didn’t bother with foreplay anymore, and didn’t care if they were satisfied or not, I start being “bad” in bed, in a kinky kind-of way. Now I feel horny like when I was 16, and I can go for 5 hours no problem. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t worry just yet, sometime a girl could make a huge difference in how you feel about sex. It actually doesn’t work like when you were 16, if you don’t like her, is going to be more difficult, just take it easy, take a break and focus on something else, it will get better ! -Cheers

Your best sex years can’t be behind you, if you haven’t had them yet ;)

I finally had sex at 23 or 24, couldn’t get it up for the first couple of times. But after I was more comfortable (and knew what I was doing) things got a lot better. Don’t give up now, you just started!

My first posting here for a couple of years ,but I ”ve got to tell you that as you get older [nearly 60] you can still have great sex. But it can depend on where you are [Asia] ,who you are with [a nice slim sexy young lady] and what you have eaten. [Penagra $4.60 a pkt x4.or Cialis[generic] $6.20 pkt x4.

Yes ,some times I wish I could just pizza

I’m 31 and am having the best sex of my life. I’ve gone through several periods over the past year since I’ve been PEing when I’ve had minor erection problems (lose the erection fairly quickly, isn’t as hard as I would like) but those problems go away when I ease up on my routine. I also believe that other factors in my life (like self-esteem) play a role.

I’ve done some pretty hard training. I’ve lost sensitivity in my glands for several days. But I’m having great sex and really enjoying it.

Bro, you’re 24, get a grip!

I’m 21 years old and I will be around chasing women, driving fast cars, living out of hotels and evading police probably until I’m 27-28. Around 28 is when you start thinking of getting married, 30ish is when you do it.

Enjoy yourself and have sex, doesn’t mean it has to be the only thing in your life. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of carnal gratification simply because you want to explore other aspects of life. Sex should just be a constant…


Don’t think so much. This moment is all that is was or ever shall be. And the herb Ashwaganda helps with the wood.

You are too young mate. 24? I’m 25 and will be 26 this Oct. I can say that you are too young to.. Lose the energy. Believe me, my father is 53 and he’s like a horse riding on women in my town. Forgive me for that. Just remove those stress and have plenty of vitamins and enough rest. Things will be OK.

Originally Posted by I Sit on Fish

Everything I read tells me that the best sex years of my life are behind me and that I should start settling into a more mature and stable life..

Stop reading articles in “Neutered” and “Henpecked” magazines.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Really it’s all in your head. And I mean the one on your neck.

When I made my debut I had low self-esteem and I was quite a bit worried by how my sexual performance would be. It couldn’t be worse: I lasted seconds and with the lowest erection possible that could allow penetration. Slowly (and thanks to my partner) I built some self confidence, and as I grew more confident I improved my performance. And as I improved my performance I grew more confident (see the positive feedback loop there?).

To get the engine started, use the self-esteem boost that PE will provide you, and when you are more confident, the feedback cycle will begin.

Good luck!


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