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Seem to be stuck.

Seem to be stuck.

Hey everyone :D

I have been doing PE for 3-4 months. I did the newbie routine. Stretch, 300 Jelq (3 sec stroke) and kegels.
I have definitely seen an increase! I have gained almost a centimeter, but now I am seem to stock.

I need a new routine who can motivate me to keep up the work!

Hope you can help me out..

Cheers Padde

Hey Paddehj!

If you have stopped gaining from the newbie routine, it means that your penis has become accustomed to your routine. It has become conditioned.

My advice: take a week off for slight deconditioning. During the week off, do the amazing isometrics exercise. A few members have said it helped with keeping the gains during deconditioning.
After the week off, start with a routine that is a bit different then your current one. Incorporate stretching and advanced girth exercises, but slowly and gradually. Keep your penis guessing.
And the most important thing - keep up the good work!

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:


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