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Seeking advice on how to proceed with my routine

Seeking advice on how to proceed with my routine

I have been doing PE for 11 months and have seen good length gains going from 6” to 7.5”BPEL. I have seen only very small gains in girth, maybe 1/8” (currently 5.87” MSEG).

Over the last 3-4 months my gains have stopped completely.

My routine is:

Warm up 10 minutes with rice sock
5 way stretches 2 sets, 30 seconds per stretch
Rotary stretches x3
Tunica tugs x2
100 wet jelqs
3 uli’s
3 squeezes
Ads for about 1-3 hrs/day

Occasionally some DLD blasters, pumping, light clamping

I have never done any hanging. I have a low LOT and I feel that gains from lig stretch would be very minimal from here. I think I have some dorsal thickening or the “cord” some refer to as a limiting factor. I have considered taking a deconditioning break and I have also considered hanging / increased intensity. In addition I have considered focusing on girth until I get to 6” MSEG then switching to hanging. My goal is to get about .5” more in both directions over time.

Based on my routine, gains to this point, time doing PE, and goals do any experienced members have any thoughts or recommendations on what I should consider to jump start gains, or adjustments to my routine, or thoughts on deconditioning / cementing?

I am open to just about anything to start seeing gains again.


I would say that a decon break might be a good idea in your case. When you start up again, up the number of jelqs. 100 is a bit low for the amount of time you’ve been at it. I currently do 300-400 jelqs a session. This is all speculation on my part of course so take it or leave it.

Thanks for your reply. I have heard conflicting theories on how long a deconditioning break should be. How long of a break would you recommend?

I will take your advice on the jelqs and move up to 200 after I take a possible deconditioning break.

If anyone else has any thoughts it would be appreciated.



I would recommend getting into hanging and clamping. For most people they’re the natural steps in the journey of PE after one can no longer get gains from natual exercises. I actually do not think a decon break would serve you much use - it was my understanding that (in most cases) you’d do a decon break after a decent period of hanging or clamping, not from manual exercises.

If you’ve got that ‘cord’ in your penis and want more length gains you’re probably also going to need to incorporate infrared heat into a hanging routine (as is my experience). the Buck’s fascia link in my sig has lots of information about this.

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