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Sectioned girth gains?

Sectioned girth gains?

hi Guys,
My dick has a pretty big incline after 2/3 out (from base), especially on the right side. its like the tunica goes into a very small end (hence a small dickehad as well). As ive read, Theres not much to be done about head size. I also been reading somebody trying to avoid the “baseball”-bat effect. So Im wondering if anybody has had success with making gains at specific parts of the shaft? I really want me shaft to be equal all the way out if possible (disregarding the want for a big head).

Something totally different. When I kegel, I somehow feel a pressure in my head/rest of the body. Can u Guys relate to that, and is there any danger that might be involved in keeping to do that over a logner period.

Thanks and sorry for my bad lagnuage.

If you’re patient enough, I think pumping could help . Some parts of the shaft could pack the cylinders while others continue to grow. There are also special mushroom head cylinders.

No I always had the shape even tho it came with age. My dickhead doesnt fill up, so its hard for me to keep sensation when having sex and its rly annoying.

Hmm, kegeling without body pressure. Honetly, I just kegel, and I feel that doing a light kegel would do nothnig, hence applying good pressure. I still can feel it in my head on so, noone experienced this?

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