Second week of PE

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this. I’m on my 13Th day using Bib’s hanger and Monty’s weights. Started with 6” bone-pressed flaccid stretch, and 7” bone-pressed erect length. I work at home, so I can stretch and hang as much as I want.

I’ve been doing the heaviest hangs I could take, for shorter durations. Been experimenting with weights and times. After hanging I put three of Monty’s weights on a wrap and keep the stretch going for as long as that feels right, usually a few hours. Then I’ll take off one weight and keep stretching.

I had to go out of town on business for four days, and didn’t want to get caught with lead on my unit in the airport, so I resorted to bed fowfers. I was able to keep stretching this way for several hours a night. When I got home, yesterday, I did a heavy hang — heavy for me @ 15 lbs. — On my lat pulldown machine. Then two weights on for five hours.

Last night my wife and I were getting reacquainted, and I felt thicker, and longer. But when I started to pull out she said “Wow, look at that, your dick looks really big!” And it did. Wider, redder, and longer.

This morning I measured it at 6.75” BPFSL. Haven’t measured the erect length yet, but this stuff works! Thanks to everyone who posts, and especially Bib and Monty!