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Second puberty

Second puberty

I’m 27, and just getting laid for the first time in my life yes I was a virgin. I am banging her plenty, several times a week and 2-3x each time. Anyway, I have noticed that my chest is getting hairier, I am starting to get some acne, and my penis seems a bit bigger. I measured it and it seems to have gone from 5.5” to 5.75” BPEL. Is all of this stuff a coincidence, or could it be related to the quantity of sex I am having?

If this wasn’t a coincidence, Ron Jeremy needs a car to move his dick.

Similar thing happened to me at 25, but I don’t think it was sex as there was no change in sex at that time. I’d been having regular sex since 20 and got married at 22.

I had a very slow, gradual, drawn out puberty. Lasted from late 9th grade until about 25 when my chest (and back) hair got thick and penis stopped thickening (stayed dang short).

Let me ask you this: Before you met this lady, how often did you masturbate? If it’s anything similar to the amount you are getting laid, then it’s not the sex. Although you may, your body does not know the difference between sex and masurbation.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

They may be related only in the other direction. You may have gotten up the nerve to get some sex because of a surge in hormone levels. Such a surge would effect your behavior before you noticed any physical changes particularly the hair growth.

You may have super charged your testerone level such as with bodybuilders. I’m 54 & workout quite a bit in the past 3 years & have noticed an increased hair growth on my lower abs lately, & that’s easy to see as I’ve always been naturally smooth bodied.

When did your puberty start? Did it commence gradually or with the typical on-rush at 12-14?

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