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Sebaceous Prominence

Sebaceous Prominence

Hey evrybody, I’ve been perusing this site for quite some time now just to get familiar with everything before I start my PE regimen. I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of experience with “medical” conditions of the penis in this site. My question is this, Has anyone yet to come across any further information on clearing up the white puss bumps on the penis otherwise known as sebaceous prominence? Reason for asking is because I have these and they are pretty dramatic and cover a good portion of my penis. I’ve had them since I was like 15 or 16 and had them before I ever had sex, they just got worse as I aged and I’m 23 now. I read on hear that one guy had great results clearing his up with proactive, I think I might give this a shot if theres not another known assistance.

They’re usually called Fordyce Spots. If you search the site for ‘fordyce’ you’ll find all the posts, and all the information, we have about them.

Or use that term on a general Internet search using Google or similar search engine.

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