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Searching for girth gains


You don’t have to start spending money, and taking a bunch of supplements.

Get your PE down first, then you can add whatever you want. Its a lot like bodybuilding, if you first get your routine adjusted to your recovery ability, you will do great. If you add good supplements on top of that, you will do better.

If you start out thinking supplements are what is needed, you can get distracted from getting your basics right, namely stress to recovery ratio and how to determine that.

Start with a basic jelquing routine with kegels. Watch your PIs for overt indications of over doing it. Once you are making sure you aren’t drifting into overt neg PIs, the next step is to fine tune staying in the positive PIs. This is where my EQ thread linked at the bottom will be useful.

If you get the stimulation to recover ratio right, you will start to notice a heavy and full flaccid…this is one of the best indicators that you are either IN the growth zone or damn close to it.

Lets just say you are doing 5 minutes of jelquing each morning, and your EQ is 7 or better and you have a heavy and full flaccid most of the day after your PE. Lets further say you don’t change anything, grip or time…anything but you find that the flaccid is starting to be less during the day, thats time to use a multiplier.

A multiplier is an arbitrary number ( mine is 1.10-1.15) which you would then multiply your 5 minutes by. That will bring it up to apx 6 minutes. So if you find at 6 minutes of jelquing it brings you back to the heavy and full flaccid, you know you’ve nailed it. If your flaccid doesn’t change more than a little, yet your EQ is still up at the same or better level, then you could try a higher multiplier of around 1.20-1.30 (20-30% increase). The point is, experiment with modest increases when the flaccid starts to indicate you are dropping out of the growth zone. You may find that a multiplier of 1.25 is best for you.

I also suggest taking bpfsl at least once a week, but not more than once a day if you find it causes contraction of your flaccid. This measurement will give you a very accurate read on if you are gaining or not.

If you find a multiplier works consistently for you, over several cycles and you have been slowly gaining, and you use it again…but this time no gain, it is a good indicator to take a 2 week break then begin again.

This is a lot of info, but if you get confused read my PI and EQ thread, that should help.

In general for girth a higher erection level is needed than for length, but be aware it tends to be more stressful, and most guys need either to have a longer recovery period, or a shorter jelque time…I suggest the latter.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by invictus
i’m taking L-Argenine/L-Glutamine pill, gingko biloba, multi-vitamin, and I eat really healthy. I’m going to order tongkat ali soon. I’m also taking this powder cialis stuff and made it in to liquid cialis. I only use it once every 2 weeks cuz I think its good for recovery.

Cialis doesn’t improve recovery, it makes it SEEM like you have improved recovery, and that usually encourages further over training until you are really in deep shit.

Tongat may enhance recovery, due to the increased testosterone.

You guys should skip all this stuff until you first have a successful routine dialed in, THEN add this stuff. If you do it the other way around you will have a very hard time dialing in your workout.

Originally Posted by 9_in_richard
Wal Mart bro. I take 3,000 mg/ day. GNC,Walgreens or a great place for supplements is Puritan’s Pride. Find their catalog free online.

Thanks, pal. I will check that out.

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

Originally Posted by jmunz
Richard, I am curious as to how long it took to achieve your gains.


Well, I think I may be an exception and not the rule, perhaps because of the hormone therapy I’m on. There was another post on extenders that I posted in explaining in more detail my situation. I was, in my mid 20’s a 7” x probably 4.5” (never really measured girth back then). By my mid 30’s, I noticed that I seemed smaller. Most likely the size loss was a combination of aging ligaments/tendons, smoking for years and weight gain (more fat to the pubic pad). I decided to try and do something about it. I measured and was 6” x 4.125”. I started searching the internet, looking for a reputable phalloplasty surgeon. I made contact with Dr. Rosenthal and also the Barron center. Then I stumbled upon Thunder’s place, quite by accident. I started to reasearch and learn and decided to try the Andro-penis from size genetics. I purchased one back in 2005 when it was the old silicone noose style. I set it up per instructions and tried to wear it everyday. The noose slipped alot and was extremely painful at times. I was also doing 20 minute jelq sessions four days per week. This routine was sporadic at best and only lasted 2-3 months, but I saw results. Even my wife commented, especially on girth. I reached 5” girth, mostly from the jelq I believe. I was also taking enzyte to try and improve blood flow to my cock. I maintained that girth since that time. I did nothing in terms of PE to really speak of from 2005-2006 until recently (tried the ROP and some rings off and on). I just occassionally frequented the board and re-examined my thoughts of surgery. In the meantime, I searched for some way to improve my andro. About 4 weeks ago, I got my Andro out and dusted it off. I set up my new noose idea and it has been great! I measured my cock after the first week and a half or two weeks and I was at 7” x 5.25”. I was psyched and decided that I will run the following routine and I believe will reach my goals (8 x 6):

6 months of Andro-penis at 12 hours per day (starting at my initial length of device and following their schedule for adding length to it)

3 months of wet jelq 20 minutes every other day ( No andro during this phase)

6 months of Andro-penis at 12 hours per day (starting at my new initial length of device and following their schedule for adding length to it)

3 months of wet jelq 20 minutes every other day ( No andro during this phase)

Supplementing all the while with a daily multi-vitamin, ginko and L-arginine

I am also on 200mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate injected intramuscularly, which as I mentioned may be accelerating my potential to gain and or repair tissue damage more quickly (ie; micro-tears).

I am a firm believer that positive attitude is first and foremost, traction is a definite gainer in both girth and length, for me atleast, and jelq is the greatest approach to girth in the pE game as I respond very well to it and finally, oxygen rich blood flow to your penis is essential to rest and repair!

In retrospect, I would say 3 months or so of sporadic PE in 2005 (andro & jelq) I went from 6 -> 6.5” length and from 4.125” -> 5” girth

Last month or so (andro-penis(12 hours/day 7 days/week + supplementation) 6.5” -> 7” length and 5” -> 5.25” girth

So, total was about 4 months or so of PE. Will my gains continue at that rate? Probably not, but my goal is 8 x 6 and I do not wish to exceed either by more than 1/4”. I am, after reading up on it here, considering changing my jelq phases to 5 days on jelq (Mon-Fri)and 2 days with 2lbs. golf weights (Sat & Sun) to try and heal on rest days with the tissue at light stretch!?!? But, I’ll let some of my trusted colleagues weigh in on that one first. I apologize for such a long post. I just like to share the experience and give the whole story as it may be helpful for someone else.

Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats 7" NBPEL x 5.6" EG (Post 1st Round PMMA)

My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine


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