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Scrotum size.


Scrotum size.

I think we can all agree we are looking for a larger penis, but what of a larger scrotum ? I’ve always had a sagging sack and am afraid I will be tripping over it by the time I’m 50. Do girls like a low hanging sac ? I’m so worried about it.

Stretching the sac can be done to give a lower hanging one but increaseing nut size is a whole different ball game. Gently pull down on your scrotum for a few seconds any time that you can. Thats it.

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deffere, take some zinc and arginine it will help

Many girls do, they like the sound of them smacking their ass! At least my last 4-5 lady friends did. I will never forget the time I went to a park a with some of my friends and one of them was the artist, tom boy, sexy chick of the group. I fooled around with her a couple times but it was nothing big, but I always thought she was smoking hot! So we were in a rented paddle boat just paddling around the lake smoking a joint when she turned to me and said “I love the sound the water makes on this things, it sounds like your balls slapping my butt”. Needless to say I was insanely frigging turned on but I knew she was with somebody and her and I were very close friends, and I did not want to cause her any trouble, so I didn’t get any. (Just an example)

So some if not most girls like big sacks. I have nothing to back up that claim but my own experience though.

good luck

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i have try also to pump my nuts and if you do it you can gaine a lot too. but you must do every day at the begining. if you want more explanation tell me.


Does pumping your balls make them more fuller?
Can you use a normal tube or is their one particular for the balls?

yes you can gain big size and great big scrotum, but to keep the size you have to do every day. you can have a look at : I have by one tube for cock and nuts.

Originally Posted by fredmarc
Yes you can gain big size and great big scrotum, but to keep the size you have to do every day. You can have a look at : I have by one tube for cock and nuts.

Say I did pump every day for a few months and then I decided to stop would the gains become permanent or at least some of the gains, or would I end up with an even bigger saggy ball sack?

Thanks for the website.

I am trying to stretch mine out, they are high hangers.not much luck

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I have been told before by girls ive been with that my large sack compliments my large cock. They always say its the way the cock and balls sit on the mans body as a whole package that they look at. If you have a small pecker, but huge balls, you look funny to them, and vice versa. At least thats what ive been told. So to sum it all up, big balls good, small balls bad. Just dont let the size of your sack shadow your cock. :)

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My scrotum seems to behave like it’s a cold day most of the time. That means that it is quite tight. When my balls hang at their lowest they seem like a decent size, but they are usually quite close to my body. The effect of this is that my dick kind of sticks out, rather than hanging vertically.

Does anyone else get this? How can I make my balls hang lower more of the time?

Gained 1 inch length finally! the first big step in my PE time :D

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Originally Posted by fredmarc
yes you can gain big size and great big scrotum, but to keep the size you have to do every day. you can have a look at : I have by one tube for cock and nuts.

Wouldnt it hurt to pump your nuts?

Liquid c :gulp:

I’ve had a little success stretching out a very high, tight sack.

I do a variety of stretches twice a day every day, once after a shower and once before bed.

First, I gently stretch the balls and scrotum. Obviously you want to be careful here. Just grab the whole sack behind the balls and stretch it in various directions.

Second, I grab the sides of the scrotum with both hands (using all fingers), pull it flat horizontally, and stretch side-to-side and up-and-down.

Third, I grab the bottom of the scrotum (thumbs pointing straight down) and stretch straight down.

After a month, I’ve got noticeably more hang (but still not much). I’m going to give it another few months.

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IR Lamp + 4 mins a day = Low hanging ball sack

Is Ir lamp Infrared? sorry if that’s a dumb question, I am mostly interested in a bigger cumshot, but bigger balls might help.

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