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Scrotum Interference Problem

Scrotum Interference Problem

Hello everyone I just registered today a couple of hours ago and this is my first post. I started my PE journey on July 1st 2013. I’ve been following the 2 month newbie routine suggested here at Thunder’s Place. Although it hasn’t been an issue everyday, sometimes my scrotum interrupts my jelqing session. As I jelq, I sometimes crease my scrotum onto my shaft and it’s really uncomfortable. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how can I correct this? Perhaps I’m not using the proper lubrication? All feedback is appreciated.

Changing lube or using more lube could make a difference. Also try switching from overhand to underhand grip, or vice-versa, and see if that helps. Dry jelqing keeps the skin in a constant relative position to the hand so no “creasing” can occur so you could try that too. If nothing else works, you can use your off-hand to hold the scrotum skin back during each jelq stroke.

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Thanks BeardedDragon I have yet to try the overhand grip and I guess I shouldn’t be too stingy with using lube.

Never be stingy with lube! Some lube dries out pretty quickly too.

BeardedDragon’s advice is good. You could also try placing your grip a little higher, lightly, and then going back a little before griping properly. This takes more getting used to but it can be worth it, so try it if a grip change doesn’t help. The overhand grip is a superior grip, in my opinion, but switching occasionally is also a good idea.

Good luck and good gains.

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I have the same problem. Use lots of lube like they said and also a little higher erection level gives your more dick to work with. I have trouble gripping again at the base without letting go off my top hand.

Thanks for the advice memento and Gettinbig4me. From now on I won’t be stingy with my lube and I’ll definitely give the overhand grip a chance. I think my penis is still getting used to the exercises (been about a bit more than a week) so sometimes I’m too erect (almost full) and sometimes I can’t maintain one that’s of proper size to perform the jelqs. Thanks for helping out this noob. Good luck to you both and you as well BeardedDragon. :)

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