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Scored a Newbie Milestone

Scored a Newbie Milestone

Hey, I just finished a Jelq session (been doing PE for a little more than a month) and at the end with a hand squeeze at the base I could not fit my dick inside the toilet paper roll thing!

This is a HUGE milestone for me. I have been dreaming about the day when my dick was too thick to fit. Unfortunately it’s all temporary but it must be a good sign. Hopefully someday that level of girth will be perm and I will have achieved something very important to me.

Am I dreaming? Will I someday hopefully soon keep this kind of girth? PLEASE!!

Keep the faith!


Congratulations on the gains, baywatch! Keep on jelqing, and those gains will be permanent!



Congratulations, unfortunately now you need a bigger measuring device. :)

:rear: Always locked on the target.

Erect: 7.125" non-pressed length x 6.125" circumference

Flaccid: 5.5"x5.5"

How big is the toilet paper roll carton?

Anthony Massi

I have no idea how big off the top of my head. I do know, however, that some girls use it as a baseline for determining if a guy is small or “acceptable”. Thankfully I’ve not had a girl ask me to stick my dick inside a roll to see if it fits.

That’s impressive bro - the day I can do that will be a great one indeed. What were your starting stats if you don’t mind me asking?

"I don't understand how America doesn't understand Thug Life... America IS Thug Life!"

- Tupac Shakur

Are you jelqing with an erection?

I am jelqing but not with a full erection. It ranges from about 40-70%. During the last 5 minutes of my jelqing session, however, I get a near full erection and then I do a kegel and squeeze the base hard and then with my other hand I use an O grip and squeeze (hard again) at the base, mid shaft, and top shaft then repeat. During the 5 minutes I may do a basic jelq or two then go back to the squeezing routine routine

I know there is a name for this routine because I got in in one of the tutorials with the video clips. This routine by far gives me maximum girth during my routine.


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