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Scooters Progress

Scooters Progress

Hello everyone!
Yesterday i tried to incorporate some DLD bends into my rutine. Im not totally sure i did them right, and if someone could help me to clear it up i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

As well, ive started doing DLD Blasters, and they are great! After the 5 second PC hold, i can really get a good hard stretch!

One last question: After my session, i usually just stand in the shower and let the hot water do its stuff haha…and i still feel pressure in my penis! Is this normal? I get a fair amount of swelling as well…

Thanks dudes!

Giver Hard! Scotty! later days ------ (Start) BPEL 7.75" x 5.25-5.5 EG (Goal) BPEL 9.00" x 6.0-6.25 EG

Gandolf has a video series up at peforum. There he demonstrates the DLD bends, as well as many other exersises.

Whoa!! Who's photoshopping my mirror!?

I’ll be posting the videos here too I’ve decided.

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Great work, by the way.

Whoa!! Who's photoshopping my mirror!?


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