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Science Question: Temperature For Heat Wrap

Science Question: Temperature For Heat Wrap

Hi guys,

I was wondering. Does anyone know the optimal temperature to heat the penile tissues in order to have the most effective PE?

Best achieved through washcloth/steaming effect vs. Rice sock/warmth effect vs. Other means?

The temperature question is my main one. If there is an optimal temperature, its possible some of us are burning the shit out of our penises thinking “Hotter is better” and also possible that others are not warming enough and thus having minimized gains.

Vets, could you weigh in?


FL: 4.1/8 in FG: 4.0 in GROW GROW GROW!!

EL: 5.0 in EG:4 3/8 in

Goal: 7 1/2 x 6in

Neither question really requires veteran knowledge so I’ll offer what I have learned.

Undoubtedly, someone else will somehow now the exact perfect temperature from doing way too much research on the matter but, realistically, it should be as hot as you can comfortably tolerate and not anymore. I can tell you the temperature won’t be lower than that though, so your goal should be as high a temperature as you can stand without feeling any burn regardless of what a thermometer reads.

The best way to warm is subjective. It’s going to be whatever you find easiest to work with. Of the options mentioned, rice sock seems to be the most popular since it heats quickly, stays warm for a decent amount of time and doesn’t require you be near water. During exercises some guys also like to employ the constant heat of a IR lamp or heat gun/hair drier since they stay out of the way.

I remember reading around here about a study on the effects of differing temperatures on the connective tissues of cadavers. The study found that at around 112 degrees F the connective tissue became significantly more elastic and malleable. However 112 is quite hot and will most definitely be uncomfortable if you were to place your penis in water of that temperature. This temperature is also hazardous to the sperm in your testicles, so in order to reach the temperature care would have to be taken to keep the testicles from exposure to the heat.

Another member on here tried to find if this ideal temperature of 112 was even possible by measuring the core temperature of his penis immediately after his warm up. He used the washcloth method I believe in order to warm his penis. And was only able to achieve around 108. Which leads into your second question. While this method was able to achieve a high temperature, I do not personally think it to be the most efficient. Submerging your penis in water, whether it be a cup of hot water or a hot shower requires less effort and is able to heat the penis continually without interruption.

Bottom line is as long as you can properly warm your penis with any of the methods you will be fine. Use the warmest you can personally handle to warm up in and that should be plenty.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

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