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Science of hanging and gaining, same as bodybuilding and getting bigger/stronger chest etc.


Originally Posted by pauly891
..I learned from something Marinera said, something like, you should be able to do your max weight for 3 sets. …

Just to avoid equivocal :) :
what I mean is that if you can’t use the same weight for three sets straight, given a short amount of rest between (say 5 minutes), than for sure the weight is too high. That doesn’t means that you must use the max weight you can to finish 3 sets - you can grow using a low amount of weight, just enough to feel a mild (and even pleasurable in some way) stretch.

As a rule of the thumb, I think is good starting with say 3 lbs (assuming one is using the Bib or the AFB hanger) and add 1/2-1 lbs every week. The name of the game is TIME, not weight.

So said, I want to underline, as Mr. Happy did, that recognizing mistakes is a sign of intelligence and means one has balls. :up:

Thanks Marinera!

Thanks for the clear and concise explanation on weight used, with hanging.

I needed that information! Any other links, that could further help me learn to gage the right amount of weight to use, with hanging would be great. Thanks to that last post, I think I got it though!

With this great forum and all my fellow PE brothers out there, I’m sure I can reach my goals.

That’s weird on month 4 of Ledzep’s routine he was at 12.5/15 #, but only 3 sets? So is Bib recommending 3 sets,5-6 days a week?
I heard you need to do at least 10 hours a week too see gains? So that would be a minumum of 6 days a week, 5 sets a day, which is what I do.

That would be nice only doing 3 sets a day, I wonder if I’m over training with the 5 sets a day? I know a lot of guys do it, but still, maybe it’s too much. Maybe hanging gains, for me, is like clamping 3 sets a day? Anything more and your over training and won’t gain.
I might try that theory of doing less sets, 3 sets rather than 5, if I don’t see some gains in a couple months.
Thanks for that information Marinera!

If you can, try doing 2 hours daily, instead, perhaps with a lower weight. Generally speaking, you should try maximing time first, and only after raise the weight. Intensity tends to cause more easily overtraining than time spent.


You said you were going to measure may 1st, did you gain anything?

Yea I am wondering if the weight I’m currently at is too high? I am very far from gritting teeth or clock watching or anything, but there is some discomfort. It’s not always the most comfortable hang, which makes me think I should lower a bit, because I know it should be comfortable right?

Although I did wake up with morning wood today and yesterday, for the first time since I started hanging! So maybe I shouldn’t lower, because those are positive PI’s right?Great post again Marinera! Thank you for your clear explanations, I will keep all that in mind.

Hey RR08,
It was determined by myself and many other people on this forum, that I was way over training, which obviously didn’t result in gains. Although I did
Get my girth properly measured, I am 5.5 EL and 6 EG(at least). Don’t know how or where, but I gained girth somewhere along the way. My girth is more than my length, I’m stumpy!
I have a feeling, I am going to gain some length doing girth work, like Papsmearster did, which I started doing, like 2 weeks ago.There is also the ads stretcher, and many advanced length exercises, I haven’t tried out there. I think this girth work is getting something done here though. You should read the tcg theory if you haven’t already. I couldn’t make a proper fulcrum, so one day I’ll probably try that too, with a pvc pipe.


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