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Sceptical about all of this.

Originally Posted by memento
Being a sceptic is good. Stay sceptical. For example:

>More blood flow = bigger penis<

That’s bollocks. If it were the case penis enlargement pills would work. Temporary engorgement is one thing, enlarging the penis is another.

To answer your question about side effects. Yes there are and not all of them are good.

I suggest you continue reading and run everything through the most sceptical filter you can. If you then decide to try, consider that it’s very easy to convince oneself of something if one wants to enough and try to ensure that you have a method to overcome this and deal with the physical reality.

I apologise for not specifying more blood flow constantly, over a large period of time :P

The guys all make good points. Nobody here is going to take your money or try to sell you shit.

Originally Posted by Darius_C
Social voting sites are often more reliable than public forums.

What kind of social voting site are you talking about? I have generally accepted that to not be true at all, especially if young trolls have access to vote.

A forum has the potential of people gaining reputation which not only causes them to post more seriously, but you are able to read previous posts and determine if they are reliable.
Some forums allows anyone to post and even post under any screen name they want for different posts which causes people to not worry about how much they think before they speak. People love to give their opinions even if they are wrong so if you turn that loose you end up with a wad of confusion.
The social voting sites to me looks like people vote for whatever they feel like, and in some cases repeatedly.

It looks like this;
Question: For guys, What size penis do you have? I am 12 years old and have a 13 inch penis and just wondering how I measure up, all of buddies have a bigger penis than me and I think I am small.

A. 3-6 inches (4 votes)
B. 6-9 inches (20 votes)
C. 9-12 inches (500 votes)
D. I can’t get your mom off of my penis long enough to measure (100 votes)

If you follow a man who has posted about his PE routines every day for the last 2 years, and he has nothing to sell and is only doing free PE, you are going to know you can trust him because who would waste that much of their life for no gain?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by Serenity73
If you believe that a curve can come from having an erection pushed to the side in your pants, how could you possibly be skeptical about whether or not PE works?

Amazing point. That would be proof enough that penis tissue can be altered.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by Serenity73
As for “side effects”, of course there are. No one ever pretended that you don’t run the risk of injuring yourself when starting PE. It’s on you to avoid that. People who use their head rarely get hurt.

I mean forever lasting side effects, do you guys really get big fully functional dicks with no abnormal drawbacks? It sounds a bit to good to be true is what I mean. Do I lose any feeling? Does it get more complicated to get an erection? Like will my dick just topple over when I reach 50? That’s the part that makes me wonder really. If you know what I mean.

As for using the search function, I have already read similar threads like mine, I just wanted to start my own because its a forum after all.

I will answer the questions one at as they happened for me. First caveat is I actually don’t PE anymore. I have my reasons and will only say they have nothing to do with injury or other negative experience. You can ask me to answer why and I won’t be offended it’s just that it doesn’t address anything you have asked.

The only ever so slightly negative side effect I had has already been mentioned. I don’t really have a problem with it. My erection angle is somewhat lower than before I did PE. I have not lost any feeling that I can tell. It is no more complicated to get an erection back when I did PE or now. In fact back when I did PE I got rock hard erections or what some refer to as newbie gains. These are where someone gets such fast initial gains that at least some of it must be due to improved erections.

I am approaching 50 and my dick has not toppled over or become useless. I didn’t know it at the time but I was actually watching my physiogic indicators when I did PE and do believe knowing your body, monitoring it and changeing routine when called for is very important. I actually ended up being a “less is more” kind of guy than what the program I bought called for. This is going to sound snotty but it is not meant to be. Skepticism is a good thing but this subject comes up over and over. In the end none of can prove the benefits of PE to you other than you should you choose to try it.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

There are some of us here who are trying to correct problems. I am 58 and don’t use viagra. I started going after a thicker and longer dick last fall. I experimented. Jelqing. And then out of the blue while having just penetrated my wife she said the words that made up mind. After 35 years of marriage she said I made her feel so full. I continued with the episode with more enthusiasm them I’d had in quite a time. This was the first time my wife went into multi orgasmic mode. (Not to be the last) I started here on PE full time and nefver looked back. I’ve had some ED problems in the past and I won’t lie. I occasionally lose my erection mid-fuck. But our sex life is much better and my dick is much better and I think my ED is getting better. (time will tell even though it is the enemy) Good luck in your decision making. Hope my testimony helps you believe. I believe! :)

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Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

Ya know what, I kind of like the fact that so many “specialists” are naysayers of PE. Honestly, they’re just discouraging the guys that could be our competition.

Also, doctors don’t know anything. I have never been able to have a doctor give me a straight answer about any problem I’ve ever had. They don’t know that much. We here have experience, and experience teaches you better than anything.

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By practicing PE carefully, the worst result should be better erection quality.

Originally Posted by hariban88

… From what I can see pretty much every medical licensed doctor says that jelqing will most definitely destroy your penis (or nothing at all).

Now THAT’s something to be skeptical about!

Started hanging on 3/28/12 after minimal gains on the newbie routine. Still not discouraged! This game is 99.9% mental. Stick with it, gents.

After 1 month of hanging 5-6lbs BTC: 1/4" gain in BPEL and BPFSL!

Well, hariban; since you have an account you can go look at some of the before and after pics that thunder has collected over the years. He collects them in a thread on the Member Pics board:

Before-and-After Measurement Pictures

The most impressive, I find, are bennett8’s pictures. He started with a micro-penis condition, erect length only 2 inches long; and 3 years later he reached 5.75 inches. A massive improvement. It’s particularly convincing since he has discolouration on his penis which would make it difficult for the images to have been doctored.

So yeah, you can increase the size of your penis. But not over night, it takes time and effort. If you hear something like 4 inches in 4 weeks; that’s bullshit. Not even the most intense exercise routines will get that much. A more realistic expectation is 1 inch in 5-6 months. And it’s not like this is contrary to medical science; most urologists are familiar with penis enlargement, and not just surgical enlargement. Doctors have been treating micro-penis patients for years; they know it works.

So why do a lot of physicians down play penis enlargement? Two reasons: One, most men don’t need it to begin with. An average size penis is good enough for all intents and purposes. And the medical mindset is, “if it’s not needed it’s not worth putting the patient in additional risk.” Penis enlargement is a cosmetic enterprise. Only a very small minority of people, like bennett8, need Penis enlargement.

Two, physicians realize correctly that most of the time the patient’s problem is psychological. Take an anorexia patient for example. It doesn’t matter how much weight they lose, or how skinny they are; there is an irrational psychological problem that tells them they are still fat and ugly. Losing weight isn’t going to help them, and if they aren’t treated for their psychological problem they can literally starve themselves to death. In comparison, anorexia is much more of an extreme condition than penis anxiety (not to say that there aren’t some men with severe size anxiety); but by analogy doctors realize that even if the patient where to increase the size of his penis, he would still have this psychological problem haunting him.

Going to cover things that have already been said about why there are no studies on PE and yet doctors say don’t do it. The first reason is doctors are taught that it is not possible like all of us. So most doctors just walk around thinking that and have no reason to believe otherwise. Much like most men just walk around thinking that.

The second reason doctors won’t recommend it is because if they do then they could have their ass sued off due to a lack of “standard of care”. Why in world would they put their life into jeopardy to do so with no gain rather than keep giving the accepted and taught position? Lastly, the doctors that are believers would do it secretly and not go recommending it for fear of being ridiculed.

Why no studies? First we must look at why there have been studies on extenders particularly when used with surgery. Money! Big Pharma and doctors can sell you surgery and a device but not your hands and some time with dedication. Research takes money. If a doctor came forward with a pill that actually showed promise for enlarging a penis then I guarantee you Big Pharma would be all over it more than Viagra. Even more so if the promise was you had to take it for life or go back to your original size.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

Originally Posted by hariban88
I mean forever lasting side effects, do you guys really get big fully functional dicks with no abnormal drawbacks? It sounds a bit to good to be true is what I mean. Do I lose any feeling? Does it get more complicated to get an erection? Like will my dick just topple over when I reach 50? That’s the part that makes me wonder really. If you know what I mean.

As for using the search function, I have already read similar threads like mine, I just wanted to start my own because its a forum after all.

Too good to be true, IMHO, is a pill you can take and get a bigger unit. That does not exist and if it did it you be more expensive than cancer medication. Manual PE takes dedication. There are guys on this site that have been doing this for years. They have lots of before and after photos to show that they are not trying to BS you. I mean honestly, what would guys on here get out of telling you that you can have a larger penis? I will tell you that my experience has been beyond belief. I started with a 5.75 x 4.5 dick. I now have a 7.75 x 5.5 dick. I have been, from what I have been told, a fast gainer. I have only been doing this 7 months. I started jelqing only for erection quality issues. I too did not believe that you could get larger. However, I am not the only one that says I am larger. My wife can attest to the fact that my penis is longer and thicker than it used to be.

My advice to you is to start the newbie routine. Following the instructions to a T. Do it for 6 months and see. If nothing happens, you haven’t lost a dime, and you can go about your life. But if you are like me and many more on here you will discover it works and you will then become obsessive compulsive about shaping a bigger better penis.

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Wow socrtease 2” in el and 1” in girth in just 7 months!? You must be on cloud 9, those are the type of gains id like to make in 2 years! Did you do alot of stretching?

no room to be sceptical. We are all lucky to know of PE. If you read some, you should not doubt that PE works.

Keep an eye on my stats and photos and you shall see me as just another big dick mother fucking thunder’s member.

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Picture Progress

The thing about big pharma is that it was created from our strong patent system. The only reason big pharma is possible at all is the patent protection they receive that gives them a 15 year monopoly on their drugs. If they can get a big blockbuster drug, then that’s about 10 years of pure profits in the bank. Once the patent protection runs out, then anyone can come along and produce the drug for next to nothing. Production costs on drugs is next to nothing, so from a financial perspective there just isn’t any incentive to invest in a drug they can’t patent. Even if they did, it would be easy for a competitor to enter the market and drive the price down.

But the way it works is that they have 15 years from the first time they discovered it in their laboratories; so there’s a big rush to try to get their product on the market. It has to pass safety standards set by the FDA, and they need to create a production line to produce the drug, and then setup distribution channels; and they try to rush every step of it because the clock is ticking on their patent protection. There is a financial incentive to cut corners and get the product on the market as fast as possible.


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