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Scary Random Bleeding

Scary Random Bleeding

So I was in the middle of edging when my girlfriend called me up, I was edging for about 30 mins and PE’d earlier during the day both of which are normal for me. Anyways I wrap things up on the phone and decide to go back to watching porn and edging. I usually don’t ejaculate at the end of a session and I’ve only ejaculated once in the last 12 days (3 days ago). Before I go back to the computer nature calls and I have to take a piss. I’m peeing everything is normal my dick feels normal pee is coming out normal but as I come towards the end of my piss I look down at the toilet and see two drops of fresh blood on the seat. At first I’m highly confused because no one uses that bathroom besides me and I have NEVER had blood come out of my dick. Well it turns out that after I peed and the piss came out some blood started coming out. It was not painful and if I just flushed and walked out of the bathroom I probbably would have never noticed but the fact that I did dick bleed absolutly scared the crap out of me. It was a little bit and I wiped it off my dick hole but now I want to know if this is normal or what? Maybe it has to do with the no ejaculating or something? If anyone has any info on blood leakage from the penis please let me know , as it was a very scary experience.

Happened to me few years ago. And not only once, but a few times in the row.

I know the feeling, but in my case it just went away on it’s own. And that was before I ever found out about PE.

So, in my case it wasn’t connected to PE, maybe it’s the same with you.

I woke up and it seems to be better, not that it was horrible to begin with, but still was a scary moment.

You may have caused some slight damage to the urethra somewhere along its length. It usually heals fairly fast, but best to take PE very easy for a few days. If you get any more drops of blood, take a longer total PE break and start gently when you are sure you are totally healed. The last thing you want is to risk building up any scar tissue in the urethra.

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