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Scary black bump!!

Scary black bump!!

Yo this really scares me..
8 or 9 days ago I was doing my usual routine, Stretching, jelqing and jelqing with horse440’s squeeze in between..
Then I noticed a tiny little dark spot 1 inch above the base of my penis..
I didn’t really care about it untill I starte on the horse440.. Then it blew up and become the size of a pea and was hard..

I got kinda scared so I took a 4 day break.. After the break I looked at it(when flacid) and realised it was nearly gone!!
Then today when I started jelqing, the tiny spot showed up, but when I did the first horse440 it blew up and stayed that way! Now I have a black bump the size of a pea on my penis at all times…

What is this and what can I do.. I really really really hopes it goes away!!

I have no idea what it is, if PE is making it worse STOP until you find out what it is.

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Horse squeezes do carry the warning to take things easy, as there is a lot of power thrust down on your penis.

You probably need to take a longer break, as the spot probably a blood blister, was not properly healed.

Give it a couple of weeks at least. and then go easy riding the Horse..

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A couple of weeks without PE sounds terrible!! Oh nooo.

A giant black bump sounds worse to me than taking time off from PE.

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Maybe a sebaceous cyst.

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It wouldn’t be black if it was a sebaceous cyst.

I agree with petitfaun, it’s fairly obviously a burst vein. Let it heal completely (several weeks) before resuming your routine. Otherwise it will return (as you already know) if you continue doing the Horse440s since they’re directly involved in creating the problem. You might be able to continue your exercises if you stop the Horse440s, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a rest for a while.

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I have also got a black bump 1/4” x 1/3” on the foreskin few weeks ago after a pinch while hanging. It took 4 days of rest to totally disappear.

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