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Scar Tissue.

Scar Tissue.

Been lurking around for a while decided to join, great site, really hopeful, now for the tale..

When I was 16 I started to notice a bit of a curve in my penis, looked some stuff up realized it was normal everything was fine. As time went on I realized that erections were getting a bit softer, the head wasn’t filling up and it almost appeared to bend to the left. I felt around, and the left side of the shaft was harder and not as full as the right. After looking many things up I realized that it was scar tissue. Not really sure how it got there, probably over masturbation or something crazy that I did.

There’s was never any pain, and sometimes my erections would be fuller and not as soft, but if I did any sort of kegel or ignore it without stimulation for any amount of time (like a minute or so) it would begin to get soft. After a year or so I started to take Siberian Ginseng and it actually helped in allowing for harder erections, and I’ve done that for the past couple years..

So, that’s my back story. Now:

Even with this scar tissue in my shaft is it safe and even possible to go ahead with PE, It wouldn’t be great to somehow cause anymore trauma to my penis. So, any recommendations from some vets here or someone else with similar experiences? Thanks!

If the slight curve is caused by cross-linkeages in the scar tissue, jelqing may help to break them down, or at least soften them. It should only do more good than harm.

Start on the Newbie Routine. Monitor any changes and post in this thread if there are positive or negative consequences. I don’t forsee any problems at all.

Alright Thanks much appreciated.

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