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Scar Tissue at the base resulting in deflated penis head

Scar Tissue at the base resulting in deflated penis head

Hi, if you look at my other posts you will find all what I’m going through. I have been in urologist and the Dr told me it looks like a have scaring in the very base of my penis (underside).

I can have a erection but it’s quiet week from time to time, sometimes I can manage to get very hard erection but the head of my penis will remain soft and wrinkly.

There was a time when I had normal erection with my glans fully erect than after 2 days it returned to bad again, also my skin underside of my penis is often very dry.

Does the scaring blocking the blood flow? Is it possible to treat it?

I have appointment to the urologist for my next visit next month but I will like to figure out whats wrong with me now..


No one can know better than your urologist. As a profan, I’d say scarring tissue would cause a bend penis, but not a deflated glans neither week erections.

Stop PE NOW. Go to Urologist. You might suffer from a defect in the valves of the penis. Read This First: Warning To Newbies

Las Medidas no importan, la quiero mas grande y punto!

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