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Sauna Question

Sauna Question

I was wondering, when going into a sauna @ the local gym, do you go in naked or do you wear some type of speedo/swimming shorts while relaxing in it?

I thought it was naked underneath a towel that you got from there. Like you see in all those movies and stuff. Who knows?

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normally you wear just a towel. These are the ordinary saunas.
On the other side ’ special saunas’ exist almost everywhere, at least here in Bangkok.
In such places everything goes.

Have fun!


Make sure you don’t shrink like in the cartoons!

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At my gym most everybody goes in the hot tub and the sauna nude. Bring a towel to sit on in the sauna however. Keeps your butt from being scorched and it is a little more sanitary.

Can I wear shoes/slippers if I wanted to?

I think you should try speedos, cowboy boots and a big smile.

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I made the big mistake of wearing a swimsuit the first time I went to my gym hot tubs. Everyone else was naked and they looked at me funny. I felt like a homophobe!

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Well, generally you should never wear a swimsuit to sauna if you’ve been swimming in water with chlorine in it. It evaporates into poisonous gas in the heat.

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