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When I do manual stretches, my thumb and my forefinger and just at the bas of my head, is this safe for the glans?

Although the glans and shaft of the penis are not connected internally (except by nerve and vein pathways under the skin, see this image), there’s little chance that you would pull hard enough to separate them. The pain of doing so would stop you long before any damage was done. If you can grasp the penis shaft strongly behind the head and pull on the end of the shaft rather than the head itself, you might have a better stretch session.


Hi Starter7:

I think you’re okay with your stretching, but I see you’re new. Welcome to Thunders, you’ve hooked up with a great group of guys (and ladies). A few suggestions. I stretch 45 minutes a day. I stretch at my LOT thingie, I’m a 7:00 pm, so I stretch out and up, which means I’m stretching my tunica rather than my ligs. I’ll do a few minutes of stretchng with a hot towel around my little guy, then I’ll switch to V stretches at the base of my penis, then V stretches about mid shaft, which I find I’m pretty much right at the head, but since I’m interested in foreskin restoration, this is fine with me. Then I’ll just do plain stretches for a while, always pointing straight out and then up, then back to the hot towel stetching. Every few minutes, I rotate my penis around to the right, then left, then whack it on my leg for about 50 whacks for circulation. Stetching is a great way to do PE and catch up on your reading at the same time.


WHICH is exactly the tunica, in that pic?

The second label from the top indicates the “corpora cavernosa.” These two erectile chambers are covered with the tunica.

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