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Safe to start

Safe to start

Hello all.

I’m turning 19 this year and I am a VERY late bloomer. At least as far as I can tell I think I am, since my penis has not grown much, if at all, in the past few years. I feel it is still not fully grown, it looks like a child’s penis. Just to give you an idea as to how far along I am: I can probably count the amount of chin hairs I have on one hand (slight exaggeration), my muscle mass hasn’t really grown as I read it is supposed to and my “happy trail” only came in a few months ago. So I have 2 questions

1) how does the timing of a full grown penis fit in with the other changes of puberty. What I mean is, should I have a beard before the full penis, does it come before or after my voice changes. I really need to know this, I’m afraid that I’m just going to be a really underdeveloped man.

2) is it safe to start PE now and do you think (assuming that I am not fully developed yet) that it would hurry along the growth of my penis?? Heck, is there anything I can do to hurry this along?

Thanks a lot

P.s. I’m almost 6 inches erect and VERY little girth, condoms look stupid on since they have a lot of space :(

Wow, this feels weird talking about it. First time ever.

Well this is my personal view. You cannot hold me legal responsible for any damage blah blah.. Okay now. As far as all the changes go, they all come at once and in no particular order., lol. As far as you doing PE right now while you think you’re still growing it is iffy. You will probably get max gains if you do it now because you’re growing so if you stretch out the ligs in your penis they may cement a little quicker than those who are done growing. Then again if you do cause damage it can have the same effect. Such as if you accidently break a sack and your penis goes crooked it may stay that way. Just be carefull and you will be fine.

Just took measurements. Can push 6” length and about 4” around :( . Seems like average length so maybe I am screwed and I am fully grown.

Puberty for me has been really drawn out with everything coming one at a time thats y I asked the first question.

Concerning your general worries about slow development, ask a doctor the next time you have an annual check-up. He or she will be able to tell you whether there are any signs of puberty problems.

Concerning your penis specifically, it may or may not be done growing. Regardless, the general consensus around here is that you should be safe starting PE, as long as you are slow and careful, just as anybody starting PE should be, no matter his size or age.

Good luck kingja! Read all the newbie threads and you’ll be off to a good start.

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Thanks. Been reading the newbie threads and it’s so far raised my confidence a bit and I’m gonna start PE soon. Can anyone point me to a thread that explains the abbreviations used when describing penis stats?


It’s always encouraging to hear from a newbie who is reading up before embarking on a program (or posting new threads nonstop).

With your current stats, if I were you, I would concentrate exclusively on girth, beginning with jelqs at a medium+ erection level and moving on (months) later to some of the advanced girth exercises such as Horse440s.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Why only girth though?? I need some length too, although I guess I need more girth than length right now.

Don’t worry man I’m in the same boat as you, even though you have a little more length then me.

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