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Safe driver award

Safe driver award

I am a trucker, I spend around 11 hours a day driving, after a shift I can usually wear my cheapo max-xtender for around 2-3 hours then it’s sleep time. I plan to upgrade to a better/safer gadget, I’m considering a combo pack autoads and autoext. Would either of these (or anything else) be considered mildly safe to wear while driving. I want to log a lot more hours a day but I don’t want a fender bender to lop off my little buddy. I should note that my wife and I are out in the truck for 2 or more weeks at a time as a team, so when I’m off duty I’m usually in the sleeper cab of a moving truck (coming to a city near you). So I am assuming a certain amount of risk anytime I wear any type gadget.

Wow..I first read title and thought, driver for a computer, then rethought and golfing came up..

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Is this humorous to anyone else?

Well FTP, I would have to say any device that distracts you from controlling a massive hunk of metal flying down the highway is not a good thing. I know I’d be scared shitless if the guy in the 18 wheeler next to me was fooling around with an extender while trying to merge.

Driving is just a job, I am no less capable of safely wearing an ads than a guy at a computer. If it was a distraction I would never even consider it, I’m talking about some light constant stretching, not a 10 lb weight hanging out the drivers side window. My driving record is perfect and you are in no danger.


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