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Sad news for me

Sad news for me

Hi all. I need some advice please:

I am about 5 months into PE. I was going to wait until the end of 6 months before taking measurements again, but after a conversation with another user here, decided to do so sooner, to check on progress and adjust exercises if necessary. This morning I discovered I’m a full centimetre shorter than I previously thought (had excellent EQ). This measurement was taken lying down. This brings me to the same measurement I had when I started PE, which means I have gained nothing in 5months. So my first question is:

1. Should I measure standing up or sitting down? I seem to lose some length on the ruler when standing (although note that this morning’s measurement was taken lying down, which indicates that I measured optimistically to begin with).

I have always measured NBPEL. I guess this is a lesson learned - I should have measured BPEL from the beginning. I will do so and give it another few months and see what happens. I initially thought I saw a 0.5cm gain in my first 3 months but it seems now that it was just optimistic measuring. Which brings me to my next question:

2. What the hell am I doing wrong??

I have followed the newbie routine. I am really confused because I have had mixed PI’s - I have been getting more frequent night wood and it *feels* slightly thicker and looks more veiny, yet after PE exercises I get severe turtling and clearly, no length gains. What am I doing wrong? I am really not jelqing that hard.

Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Many people gets longer measurement when sitting. Lying down gives the same measure than standing to most of people, I think.

Are you measuring girth?

Sever turtling after 5 months means you are overworking.

Hi marinera, thanks for the reply. Which measurement is the valid one then?

I have been measuring girth; not sure of numbers at the moment but will check to see if I gained girth.

That’s puzzling though, because I average only about 3-4 sessions a week (work and traveling prevent me from doing any more than that) and I really don’t think I’m gripping/tugging that hard. Do you think I should take a decon break?

Turtling is mostly caused by the force you apply when stretching, not the frequence of sessions. The ‘true’ measurement is the one that leaves less space to fluctuations, so pick up one and measure always the same. Take BPFSL measurement also. You don’t need a decon break, just warm up and don’t pull your penis like hell.

Thanks marinera, I will try that.

Had you consulted my site any time in the last ten years, you would know how to measure so as to avoid that issue. For me, losing length (I measure immediately after a session as a way of evaluating force/weight) indicates too much force.

Thanks for the advice marinera and Tom.

I am thinking it is more a case of never having gained in the first place than having gained then lost.

Originally Posted by ThatLook
Thanks for the advice marinera and Tom.

I am thinking it is more a case of never having gained in the first place than having gained then lost.

Quite possible. Measuring can be all over the place, even for old timers.


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