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s Advice on gripping the penis too hard? It hurts my hands, not my penis.

s Advice on gripping the penis too hard? It hurts my hands, not my penis.

Basically, I can tug on my penis as hard as I can, and it would not hurt. After awhile, my entire hand gets sore, both of them. Between the index and thumb finger is where the most pain occurs, because that’s where I grip the penis. I get pain all across my hand, and my hand decides when my workout is done, because my penis never tires.

I use a sock i cut up for gripping the penis near the glans. I can get a better grip, and this way I don’t have to grip as hard. I’m certainly not using a death grip, but in order to do the advanced stretches, you have to have a firm hold. If the grip is weak, you cannot stretch the tunica as well. Without an aide for gripping, I would be strangling my penis to death.

I also get the donut effect from stretching, not jelqing. I can jelq for 15 minutes without a donut effect, but when I begin to stretch, I get the effect very quickly, and very extensively. I thought I would mention this, not because it’s a minor injury that goes away overnight, but because the fluid buildup may be caused by the grip near my glans.

Any ideas on fixing any of these problems? The only thing I can think of is to improve my grip strength, so that it doesn’t strain my hands so badly and it would give my hands more endurance.

I’m not stretching at maximum strength. I was just saying that I could. I only stretch enough to feel that there is stretching and production occurring.

Try placing the one hand as the gripper and the other hand overtop of it.

I’m not familiar with the lobster claw grip, and I can’t use 2 hands to hold the grip because the other hand is usually stretching the tunica or making it a static stretch.

I hold A stretches and V stretches for 15 seconds. I hold two-way stretches for 20 seconds. I hold ligament stretches for 30 seconds. I don’t know how long to hold any stretch except for the basic manual stretches, because I could never find how long to hold them, only what they were and how to do them. I do them for 15 or 20 seconds because any longer and it begins to hurt.

I feel like I have to hold longer for two ways, V’s and A’s because the tunica is so much stronger than ligaments.

Can anyone help me find more information on the lobster grip? I searched, but all I found was BG’s getting seduced by an older woman.

Well, I will give it a go tonight. Hopefully I can get a good grip, but it shouldn’t hurt my hands so I will lobster claw for all I’m worth.


I have some joint problems in my thumbs (osteo-arthritis, which runs in my family). Because of that, I cannot jelq very well manually, as my grip is too weak and gripping for any length of time causes pain.

For that reason, I bought the Powerjelq device and it solved my problem of not being able to grip well or only having very short sessions, followed by hand/thumb pain.

Hope this helps,

I use homemade vac hanger (film canister & medical glove) to replace my hand for stretching, it works perfect.

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