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Running effects PE gains

Running effects PE gains

Hey, this is my first post sorry if the answer to this is already out there somewhere but I could not find it.
I’ve started to take up running latley and every time I finish a run my penis shrinks drastically, probably because the blood is being pumped elsewhere in the body.
My question is if I run quite a lot can this have negative effects in the long run on my potential PE gains?

Thank you for any help

I started Insanity a few weeks ago and sometimes notice this after a hard workout. But, I’ve had firmer erections, and have been getting it up faster than before. Keep running. You’ll soon start to see a positive effect.

Yes it will effect you longterm gains, BUT they will all be positive effects and only make you gain more and easier.

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I’ve had the same thing happen when I would go run. Not so much other sports, but running. Major shrinkage afterwards. And I noticed that my PE sessions didn’t feel right if I would do it after running.
My guess is that the blood goes to the rest of your body to feed it, so there isn’t a whole lot left for your penis.

So my advice to you is to do your PE before running, or run in the morning and PE at night. Or, have PE days and running days. I believe that the penis workouts are not that effective if you don’t have the maximum of blood to move around.
But get this - I think that actually my best flaccid was when I would PE right before running..there would be some shrinkage afterwards, but after I shower the hang would be great.

You just keep running and PEing. Better blood flow is a great gift for your whole body and your PE efforts.

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Chicken said it perfectly

I agree that running over the long term will have a positive effect on PE gains. Penis health is really an extension of cardiovascular health and conditioning.

Usually a hot shower helps to bring back normal size after a run.

Ah thanks a lot chicken sounds like good advice. Ill keep running then thanks everyone for your input!

Originally Posted by Chicken
You just keep running and PEing. Better blood flow is a great gift for your whole body and your PE efforts.

Running will increase your ability to effectively pump blood throughout your body. Maybe a warm wrap on your dick after running to help reintroduce some of that nice oxygenated blood afterwards would be good?

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