Running and the need to warm up plus other questions

Hello guys..

I’ve been PEing for a month now after I restarted from a injury and I wonder somethings:

I usually run everyday for 30mins about 4miles and after I’m done I go home to do my stretches and I wonder.. Should I warm up/down or is it pointless cause my body is already ‘hot’? I’ve been warming up/down but I wanna figure out if it is a waste of my time..

Another thing.. When I’m stretching my hands keep getting slippery and I tend to get closer to the head and the pressure ends up being done there while I stretch the penis.. Is it something to worry about or is it normal?

Finally.. I do a separate workout which consists of only stretching in the mornings (5mins total; stretches up/down/left/right and 2 rotators done three times), and at night 100jelqs of 3/4 seconds each with a overhand grip..
Should I keep this up or should I get them all done together? I worry about over training or getting a new injury alot.. Since right when I started in January I ended up having two drops of blood coming out of my penis and freaked out..

Thanks for the attention!