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Rumor from a friend


People inject synthol into their penis. Synthol is not a steroid though. It and engineered oil (fat). I hear it can make getting an erection painful though. This is the same stuff bodybuilders inject to make lagging body part look bigger.

Oops. I meant to say “It is an engineered oil (fat).”

Originally Posted by slackjawedyokel
It’s made my member “turtle” just by reading that!

I haven’t heard “turtle” in awhile, thanks for the laugh!

>>>In the past, steroid injections in the penis were used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, but this is less popular now.<<<

Anabolic-androgenic steroids or corticosteroids?

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Originally Posted by big_stiff48302
Ludacris? What does a rap star have to do with this? Maybe you meant ludicrous.

Haha, in fact he has nothing to do with it.. Damn my spelling mistakes! :P

They’re probably talking about synthol, a oil-based substance that some bodybuilders inject into their muscles to get a “quick” increase in size. This stuff sometimes bursts and leaves NASTY marks though, so this stuff is definitely worse than steroids I.m.o. Which can be used fine if you know what you are doing.


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