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Rules on sexmasturbation

Rules on sexmasturbation

Can someone please fill me in? I just joined. Tried to search and the search function seems to not be working for me right now.. I blame my internet connection at the moment.

I’m planning on starting the newbie program tonight, just curious if masturbation and sex had any negative/positive effects?

Try again with the search function that topic has be talked about many times. People have different opinions with some saying that sex/masturbation has positive and some say negative. Most say you should separate sex/masturbation from your PE exercises by at least a few hours.


When you use search, use advanced search and look for titles only.

Yeah I just restarted my laptop and it seems to work fine now. Thanks.

If I cum an hour before doing PE, my penis is useless. I can’t get the erection I need for jelqing, for example. My advice, separate the PE from any type of sex activity.

Have fun.


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