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rules of measurement


Yea I am a bit confused on the measuring can some explain it in retard Or are there any pictures and what is BPFSL stand for I forgot I have to write this stuff down got to much on the mind lol.

I was wondering if must gains were by measurement inaccuracies? I was reading some post by jakeman from 4 years ago, he made some good points and people lying about PE or measuring to make it look like they gained, but they really didn’t. Does PE really work what is the consensus?

Hold your mouse over abbreviations to see what they stand for. BPFSL (Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length), that’s when your 100% flaccid and stretch your penis stright out as far as you can and then do the length measurement as opposed to measuring the length while you have an erection. It is done bone pressed.

Yes, of course PE really works. Take girth gains for example, how would you explain 1+ inches of girth gains. It’s a circumference measurement and has nothing to do with the fat-pad. Some people have huge gains that can’t be explained by measurement errors. And there’s a decent amount of picture proof where you can see the gains - Category:Picture Proof

If you spend the amount of time and effort we do pulling on our dicks, something is bound to happen, it’s just physics.

Thanks Dicko.need a little confidence booster I am still researching.trying to figure out if I want to try it my gut tells me yea, the veneous leakage thing is holding me back a little bit, but I think most likely I will try it.


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