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OK i bought a new ruler today,a metal one,I normally use a plastic one that measures inch’s in 16Th’s but the metal one measures in 20Th’s on one side and 32Th’s on the other.Is it OK to measure anyone of them and if so what do you guys recommend?cheers in advance.

What do you mean? If you can measure to the 32th thats great because you will have the most accurate measurements all the time.

Any gain is a gain. Every 1/32nd inch of lenght adds up. However you do it, be consistent.



If you’ve been measuring in 16ths, I’d go with the 32nds side. It will make it much easier to compare previous measurements and for conversions.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

Cheers guys!

I have a metal one and let’s just say it’s a little painful for BP measurements. I use a little piece of cotton at the edge or else I would wake up with a 16” unit with a ruler sticking out my butt. :D

I find that depending on my erection the length can change slightly, I think you should worry less about measuring to accurately, and measure with more rounded up units, eg. Half a cm

snoop ya know what you mean iv got a line on my fat pad from measuring.

Whippit I’m actually getting pissed off now with any measuring?because its 7.6 easy one day then another day i struggle to reach it.I might just do it in Cm’s.

I responded in this thread and now it appears to have been deleted. Can a mod please clue me in to what it is that I’m doing wrong?

Originally Posted by Snoop
I would wake up with a 16” unit with a ruler sticking out my butt. :D

Some may think that would be worth it…..

If you’re after accuracy, cm’s are probably the way to go in my opinion. You can always divide the measurement by 2.5 to get inches, which is the more traditional measurement of dick length.. I always find groups of 10 easier to work with than fractions too. (Lazy metric guy)

Never mind guys. Just some mild paranoia.

Give me roccos:

Ur length can change depending on the posture, try standing with ur legs and back against a wall, thats what I do, once a month only

whippit - please read this and try not to post like you’re in an AOL chat room. Thanks!

Like Scott Aid, I measure in metric, using mm rather than cm. As he says, it’s easy to convert back to inches if required - divide by 2.54 if using cm and 25.4 if using mm. It’s easy, convenient and accurate.


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